The Pickup Artist

Vh1 Pickup Artist

Chances are you’ve found this webpage by typing in something like “Mystery Pickup Artist” or “VH1 Pickup Artist” and you want to know how you to can seduce women like Mystery and the other pickup artists.

To be honest…

They aren’t the best pickup artists in the seduction community anymore.

If you’re new to this whole “learning techniques to pickup women” you need to read on. I’ve covered this community now for about 4 years.

The Basics

Keep coming back to this site. Go ahead, bookmark it or take a look at some of the free ways to stay up to date. Why? Because I’ve been updating this blog with the latest info for years. You’ll be glad you did.


Download Double Your Dating, which is an absolute great resource to reset your dating life and ignite it with skills to pay the bills. (It’s under $20, this book will change your life)


Download Magic Bullets This amazing step-by-step guide uses the same techniques as on the hit show, but with one major difference: they’ve been updated. Magic Bullets was written by a lead pickup artist over at Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method, Inc), so get over there and check out this revolutionary reference guide for all things pickup related.

Mystery, the star of Vh1’s The Pickup Artist, is proclaimed as the “world’s greatest pickup artist” by The New York Times. The Pickup Artist features some men who are unsuccessful with women and compete to become Mystery’s next apprentice. SPOILERS: The winner Season One was Cosmo. Cosmo beat out Brady for the coveted title of “The Pickup Artist“. The Pickup Artist uses the seduction principles and techniques of the Mystery Method in a basic way.