Hatta: Dubai’s Famous Mountains

Mornings like no other happens in the city of Dubai with a promise of a day full of adventure. There is no way you will resist the offers with tourists on their minds to fit preferences and make sure that packages are budget-friendly to those who craves for adventure and a fusion of culture. There is nothing like what desert safari Dubai tours has to offer to jumpstart your well-deserved break.

To cap off your city of gold adventure, do not miss Hatta mountain tour. It is an exciting way to spend the day after all other activities and sight-seeing you have done in Dubai. You can  retreat to the hidden gems of the mountains of Hajar and the majestic appeal of the old Hatta villages.

Hatta Safari Retreat

A delightful morning driving through the rocky road to the mountain across the natural springs, you can retreat in the picturesque landscape if the Hatta View, Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Fort and Hatta Water Dam. Hatta mountain tour will also give you a glimpse of indigenous villages in the area.

This tour is perfect to experience the wilder side of the city. It is also well known to tourists as the most popular destinations in Dubai. When you visit Hatta packages, you will learn that they offer three of the best options you have for this tour. One is the basic package which you can only get at the lowest price possible. Basic package is yours at 90 AED starting price. This include pick up and drop off but no refreshment included. This is perfect for a half day tour to the mountain to relax and go back to your hotel at your convenience to have lunch or snack in the city. Second is the advanced package which also offers pick up and drop off with a set of meal and light refreshment too. The last package is called the Golden package that includes lunch at the Hatta Resort Hotel. All of the packages include fresh water pools, mountain safari, Hatta heritage village, Hatta Hill Park and Hatta water dam as mentioned earlier.

Quad biking is also an option with extra charge for those who want to take their adventure to the next level.

So if you are searching for your next adventure in Dubai, this is the best deal you can choose. Find time to visit the eastern part of the United Arab Emirates and complete your vacation and adventure of a lifetime. With its rich heritage, you can surely experience a life enriching retreat in the mountains and indigenous villages of Hatta like no other. You can also learn the culture and livelihood of the people living in the area with all those hand-crafted carpets. This photo-worthy mountain can enchant your social media accounts when you share your experience through pictures and videos of the escapade. Therefore, you should visit include Hatta safari in your Dubai visit. It is the best way to cap off your vacation.