The Ultimate Text and Phone Game Guide

Love Systems released their book The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game which is about what you have to do after you get a girl’s phone number. A lot of guys have no idea what you should do and what you shouldn’t do once you have a girl’s number. In other words, how do you turn phone numbers into dates?

This book explains in detail what good phone and text game is. It is definitely not for people who are completely new to the game but for more intermediate guys who consistently can get phone numbers. Especially if you get a lot of flaky phone numbers, this book covers in depth how to deal with flaky phone numbers and how you can turn them into dates.

What is great about the book is the balance in theory and examples. There is a lot of theory discussed but they are all backed up with real life examples of phone and text conversations of different Love Systems instructors. You can read transcripts of turning things sexual over text messages (chapter 8) and how to properly ask girls out over the phone or text (chapter 9).

A new concept, which I haven’t read anywhere else, is the Dynamite Theory (chapter 4) discussed in the book. What it comes down to is with Dynamite Theory you can adjust and calibrate your phone and text game to specific girls. Especially over text it is sometimes hard to read girls. Are they really interested or just playing along? Dynamite Theory helps you calibrate and quickly identify what your next steps should be. This is a big concept throughout the book and a very interesting approach not found anywhere else online.

What I would have loved to see more in the book is about phone game. It is discussed later on the book but majority is about texting with the phone being more as a supplement.

Building attraction over phone and text messaging (chapter 7) is described in depth and I really enjoyed this chapter. With techniques like tempo, frame setting and how to trigger attraction for all attraction switches (as discussed in Magic Bullets) you won’t have to worry how to get women attracted to you with just using your phone. It’s all explained and shown with examples.

There is a lot of stock banter you can use and texts you can use in common situations. The transcript of the different Love Systems instructors is invaluable. You can read different styles of text game but they are all broken down so you understand what is going on.

I enjoyed The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game. If you are clueless what to do with phone numbers or you get a lot of flaky phone numbers, I would recommend you grab this guide.

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