The Game by Neil Strauss Review

The Game by Neil StraussHere is the author of Art of Approaching, Joseph Matthews review of the book…

“I received my advanced copy of the book over Labor Day weekend (since I’m in the book briefly, I was sent one early). The first thing you notice about the book is that it’s not your typical hardback book as you’d expect. The cover is actually flexible and black, the pages are all edged in gold, and there’s even a thin red cloth bookmark located in the spine. In short, the book looks like the typical Giddeon Bible you’d find in a hotel room. And I must say, it’s quite appropriate.

Move over Lay Guide, so long eBooks, “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” is the new bible for any man who wants to improve with women! A few chapters into this book, I realized that this wasn’t going to be the “tell-all expose” I was anticipating. This is a book written by arguably one of the best seducers to ever come out of the community, and in it, he shares everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

All his teachings, all his tactics, all his theories, all his strategies are all laid bare. Through the course of the book, we start off by seeing Neil go from your Average Frustrated Chump to a full blown Ladies Man, and as he documents his progress, it’s as if you’re right there learning along with him. Because of this, I would go so far as to say that is book is a MUST OWN for anyone out there looking to improve with women. This isn’t just a story. This is a “how-to guide.” A manual on how to pick up women from the best of the best. Forget Casanova, forget Don Juan, this is stuff that works now, in this day and age, and is applicable to modern women. Not only that, but it’s all based on the tried and tested techniques of the seduction community. Neil pretty much lays out every form of teaching out there. He gives you the full Mystery Method, he shows you Speed Seduction, he explains the Juggler Method, Double Your Dating and David X style. Pretty much every major school of thought is laid bare in here, which makes it a great all-encompassing reference manual for guys who want to know what teachings are available to them.

In the book, Neil also shares posts from the private Mystery Lounge message board where some of the greats post their best stuff. This is a good way for the average guy who isn’t privileged enough to be part of this private message board to see some of the advanced teachings that are shared there. Then, Neil shows you how he incorporates the best teachings from all his sources and created a system of pick-up that works for him. Another great joy in reading this book is hearing about Neil’s fumbles with women before he really graduated to PUG (Pick Up Guru) status. These are often very funny, such as seducing one girl back to her hotel room only to be put off by her horribly stinky feet, or trying to get two twin sisters into bed at once by taking a bath at their place.

These moments aren’t just entertaining, but anyone who’s actually gone out in the field, used these tactics, and tried to get them to work can relate to the crazy things that can happen and go wrong when you’re in the final stretch. Another incredibly entertaining aspect of the book comes when Neil actually BECOMES good, and is forced to deal with certain obstacles. For instance, there’s a chapter in the book where Neil goes head-to-head in a “Pick-Up Showdown” with Hollywood Madame Heidi Fliess. It’s incredibly entertaining to see Heidi try and cock block Neil when he’s picking up women, and in return see Neil fight back with PUA tactics that keep Heidi from turning out the girls. Then there’s another celebrity showdown with actor Andy Dick, where Neil has to keep Andy from stealing his date by whipping out some massive value demonstrations to re-win the attention of his star-struck girl. Of course, this works a little TOO well when Andy Dick, so won over by Neil’s tight game, actually propositions him for a little homosex action. (note: Neil politely declined)

Probably the biggest star to appear in the book is non other than Tom Cruise, who requests an interview from Neil after reading his New York Times articles about the “Pick Up Guys.” Tom tries to admonish Neil for glamorizing the PUA lifestyle (which he feels responsible for because of his portrayal of Frank TJ Macke in the film Magnolia), but ironically, Neil points out that Tom Cruise isn’t much different in personality than the dating gurus he had been following. This is, bar-none, one of the most complete and entertaining guides on the subject of seduction I have ever seen.