Sex God Method by Daniel Rose Review

Sex God MethodWhen I first got Daniel Rose’s “The Sex God Method“, I wasn’t so sure how much an e-book can help me with sex and with my game overall. However, this e-book puts the whole topic in a whole new light. First, the book introduces you to Daniel’s model of being a “Sex God”, which includes Dominance, Emotion, Variety, and Immersion. This model (DEVI) and the insight with each part of the DEVI model makes you think about sex in a whole new way.

Like Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction, the e-book is divided into two main parts: one about the person to become in bed and the other about specific techniques. The interesting part about The Sex God Method, however, is that it focuses more on the psychological aspect of seduction rather than the physical. Daniel says that although physical skill is important (he does go over some techniques), he says that psychological stimulation is infinitely more important and he goes over ways to build it in detail.

Daniel Rose

Overall, the e-book goes over a wide variety of topics. Topics range from Oral Sex to The Bedroom Mentality to Sexual Fitness to Finding the Right Girl to Sexual Fantasies. Also, Daniel gives examples from his own life to help illustrate the ideas. For example, he told a story of having sex with a girl in a church and how powerful “taboo” is with sex.

This e-book totally changed my mentality and I continued reading it because it improved not only my physical performance but my overall outlook with girls. An example is the idea of Dominance. Although you do hear that girls want a guy who leads a lot in the community, the illustration of Dominance in the e-book and how powerful it is really helps you internalize the idea. Also, the sections on topics like diet, exercise, and ways to increase testosterone, give you areas to focus on that are not directly tied with the bedroom.

What’s great about the e-book is that it covers the whole topic in detail. Unlike what I’d expect from other books on the topic, The Sex God Method does not only focus on building physical skills. Rather, it focuses on psychological stimulation (which is extremely important), physical stimulation, mentalities, sexual fitness, dirty talk, and more. Overall, I recommend this book to anyone who is trying to get this area of their life handled.

Sex God Method Tip from creator Daniel Rose

Sex God Method on Playboy Radio

The interview is with former Playmate Tiffany Granath. Daniel talked about some controversial stuff (how women want to be dominated, spanked, talked dirty to, etc.). Overall, she was really positive, and agreed with him on most of his points.

It’s interesting to hear what a Playmate and the mainstream think about a PUA perspective on sex, rather than the usual Dr. Phil-like perspective.

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