Love Systems Routines Manual Review

Love Systems Routines ManualThe folks of Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method), Fastseduction 101, Brad P. Presents, and Badboy Lifestyles have teamed up to create the Love Systems Routine Manual. It is an impressive 199-page book that includes everything a person would ever need to know about routines. As a routine manual, the book is heavy on material but light on theory. The book though is meant to be used as a supplement to Magic Bullets, which breaks down the fundamentals of male-female interaction.

When I first heard of the manual, I figured it would be full of routines I already had heard and were super popular in the community. To my surprise, most of the routines were not the typical, jealous gf opener, the best friends test, the cube, or other routines talked about in Neil Strauss’ The Game. Routines were varied and incorporated many different approaches to pick up such as indirect and direct game and even some NLP.

The book is focused almost solely on routines, from opening to closing. The chapters break up routines into openers, transitioning, attraction, qualification, comfort, and seduction. There is also a chapter on how to create your own routines, and a “bonus chapter” on storytelling. The purpose of the manual is not to give the reader a script to memorize, but to give examples and explanations of how routines work so that the PUA can eventually remove the training wheels and form his own routines and unique style.

I will admit that the book is very comprehensive. If you run out of material in an interaction after reading this book, you obviously have other issues taking place. One issue I had with the manual, however, was that it seemed to constantly plug its own products. Although I agree that reading Magic Bullets and their other products will give you a better understanding of how the routines work, I think the constant plugging is rather annoying.

I would caution prospective buyers though to consider why they are purchasing the book. Routines can be found anywhere, so if you are just looking for material, I would recommend going online or reading a basic manual like Magic Bullets, or Rules of the Game. This is a more advanced manual that assumes the reader already knows the basics of building attraction. It is good if you already have some experience, but want to really work on using and building great routines. Most of all it should not be used as an excuse to look for the “magic line” that will solve all of your problems.

Check out the Love System’s Routines Manual in more detail.