Meeting Women Online DVDs Review

Meet Women OnlineA few months ago I obtained a copy of the new video series from Double Your Dating called Meeting Women Online. This is a DVD set and it looks like the most comprehensive guide I’ve ever seen for improving your dating through online dating methods, like social networking, internet dating sites, email, etc.

When you get Meeting Women Online, it’s compromised of 5 DVDs (or 10 Audio CDs) with David DeAngelo sharing his own personal theories for meeting women online, but also those of seven other “online dating” gurus. With all the Double Your Dating products, and “Meeting Women Online” is no exception, the video, audio and DVD menus are all professional and easy to navigate.

The first DVD is David Deangelo explaining his theories on attraction, dating, and the mating ritual. He really goes all out in his explanations to make it very clear on why the Double Your Dating methods work, and how you can use them. He discusses in depth the benefits of online dating, as well as the pitfalls if not done in moderation. David Deangelo covers everything you need to know about meeting women online. His guests get amazing results, with some amazing success stories shared. David shares his commentary as online dating experts share there tactics and techniques. They don’t leave anything to speculation. The experts and David really get exhaustive on the techniques and theories they use personally. David and his guests discuss the importance of profile pictures. They even go as far as to say that talking yourself up in a profile with no photo is worse than just having an normal profile with gross looking pictures. They had a female member of their staff upload a profile and expose the typical responses that guys send on the dating sites. Some are desperate, some normal, and some creepy and weird. Good examples of what not to do with online dating.

The Experts

Neil Strauss
– Neil appeared at this seminar right after the release of “The Game”. Style shares his 7 principles for personals. I’ve been writing about Neil Strauss and his techniques for years and I’ve never gotten into his personal systems for meeting women. I was surprised that Neil revealed so much of his unspoken techniques on camera and for distribution to thousands. Neil uses some principles of psychology and puts forth the image of a “jerk” in his profile to get a woman’s initial interest. A good line he uses for women with not much in their profile is “I tell you what, I will send you my actual pictures if you send me your actual personality”. Interesting.

Richard – You may notice Richard from David Deangelo’s other DVD product Cocky Comedy. This guy exudes a super funny aura which he uses as the basis of his game. He transfers this over into online dating by sending messages to women on how they could improve their profile. He often messages women and says “You and I are close but not quite a match, but props on your profile.” He explains one downfall of online dating which not even David Deangelo knew before he revealed it. Richard tells everyone how he was addicted to online dating, and would be in Starbucks ordering a coffee and would suddenly think, “I need to get home so I can check if I got any messages!” The crowd erupted in laughter and had David D crying.

Brent – Brent had a huge round of applause coming on stage. He hit his fame from David Deangelo’s first Advanced Dating Techniques DVDs. Brent’s big thing is retaining your power, when you’re online and when you meet her. Brent talks alot about the tactics he uses to get them to meet you in person. This is what I got from his section. “Meet her for coffee, and be 10 minutes late.”

Chet – This guy had the most alpha male outlook of them all. He’s a millionaire and is now a dating coach from Tampa, FL. He had a great load of experiences to share about newspaper personals and has since turned to the internet dating world. He has a system of cut and paste responses for anything a woman could say to you. Very elaborate and detailed. Chet shared his technique for photos on your profile, by having himself in different areas in life. One was in a club surrounded by women (nice), one with him on a beach, another with a nephew or son. Chet gets women FLYING in from around the world to meet him in his home town. It’s game time once they meet him, because he brings them right in the house and often times has sex with them straight away. Wow, you don’t want to miss this Southern gent tell his stories.

Katherine Scott – A different angle with the female perspective. Katherine Scott is a dating expert that critiques audience members dating profiles. In try Oprah style, she puts them through a “dating profile makeover”. Katherine takes them aside and takes photos, updates their descriptions and the audience sees the results. She also outlines 3 parts of your profile that matter the most, and if you don’t have those in order then you’re basically screwed.

Dave M – Dave M of Insider Internet Dating, gave the longest and most impressive presentation in the expert lineup. Dave M, takes a marketing testing approach to profiles, emails, and contact with women and has nailed it into processes that work. There were about 6 steps in his processes and all filled with gems you can use with or without the entire system. One of the techniques I remember vividly is when he sends messages with the title “This Member Might Be Interested In You”. Dave M uses this approach because he explains that the hardest part of internet dating is getting your messages read. Beautiful women receive tonnes of email’s each day, and you have to stand out. The purpose of that email subject is to emulate an email should we get from the dating site.

Kevin – Kevin has some interesting points, like avoiding the “hottie becoming a heffer” syndrome where the photos of the girl are about 30 pounds lighter than when she’s in person. Also, he says never have a shirtless photo on your profile, women are turned off by that. It sounds like a mysterious female counterintuitive thing.

After the last guest speaker, David Deangelo brings all the concepts together in a summary. David also tells you some closing thoughts on getting the most of the product and online dating. I’ve learned so much from these DVD’s and they’ve even carried certain skills carried over into my “texting” game.

The DVD’s could have included more actual profiles on screen, that would help with understanding the profile makeovers.

If you’re too busy to go out as often as you would like to meet women, or if you want to add an edge to your overall game, then you should watch these DVD’s. If you want to have access to more women than any bar or club, then you owe it to yourself to get online dating under control. You want your emails to get answered instead of those other guys. With the advert of social networking sites, “Meeting Women Online” will really help you meet girls via Facebook and Myspace. The principles are fundamental to getting responses, getting dates, and getting more women in your life. If you already do well with online dating you’ll definitely get better results. It’s all about fine-tuning the little things to get great results.

I’ve started using the techniques, and it’s like your stumbling upon this uncovered source of wisdom that constantly impresses you.

My basic leanings are get for you to get this DVD set, start pimping your profile, and use the tactics and systems you’ll learn, and have your online dating profile pumping out dates for you while your out at bars and clubs meeting women there. If you want a scalable system for meeting women, this is for you.

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