Magic Bullets by Savoy Review

Magic BulletsThe first thing I loved about Magic Bullets by Love Systems is that he doesn’t claim that their method is the only one that will work. Generally, a pickup artist claims their method is THE method and it works for anyone. The author, Savoy recognizes that different methods can work, as long as you can handle the basics. I don’t stick to only one method, but I use different things that suit my style, so this was in line with my way of thinking.

Every chapter consists on one of the phases of the Emotional Progression Model. Chapter 5 is about Opening. There’s nothing really new in this chapter, so I won’t go into it. Chapter 6 is about Transitioning which was pretty much new to me. Generally you assume that once you Open, you’re set to go, but how do you go from asking for an opinion to normal conversation? This Chapter has great advice on how to do it and specific examples which are very useful. Chapter 7 is about Attraction. Once again, it’s pretty much the same as the traditional Mystery Method. However, I did like the explanations on negging and how it’s been misused and misunderstood. They also go into lots of detail on how to DHV correctly. Chapter 8 is about Qualification. Although Qualification is part of MM, in Magic Bullets, they get deep into why this phase is so important and how to do it correctly. They even have a structure on how to qualify and some examples you can use.

Chapter 9 is about Comfort. They focus a lot into Group Dynamics, and how to deal with Comfort when your target is in a group. Savoy introduces a new concept called Breakthrough Comfort but I didn’t like it very much. I think it’s hard to apply and it requires a great deal of mastery to get away with it and not coming of as needy. Seduction is discussed in Chapter 10. I liked a lot the three techniques for dealing with “state breaks”. They are pretty simple and effective so I them almost by the book. Chapter 11 is about Relationships, so this was all new to me. There’s great information on how to act depending on what type of relationship you want. I’ve made the mistake of behaving in a certain way that implied that I wanted something serious (which I didn’t), so this was a great eye opener.

Chapter 12 is about the Social Circle. Personally, I don’t enjoy cold approaches much. I prefer meeting girls within my social circle, so this chapter has helped me understand the differences between approaching women within your social circle and approaching total strangers. For one, you don’t need to Open, which I used to do, wasting my time. You can begin with Attraction immediately and get to Comfort faster. It’s also in this chapter where the He Said / She Said analysis is used. It consists on analyzing a given situation from both the man’s and the woman’s perspective. It’s great because you can try to figure out on your own what he did right and wrong, and then read Savoy’s analysis. Great stuff.

Day Game is covered on Chapter 13. I don’t enjoy doing cold approaches, but it’s easier for me to do it during the day. This was also completely new to me so I enjoyed it and I also improved my game significantly. I thought they could’ve gone into a bit more detail. Chapter 14 is on Strip Clubs. I’m not into dating strippers so I didn’t even read this chapter.

Part IV in Magic Bullets is about Skills. This section of the book includes a chapter on Physical Progression (Kino Escalation), a chapter on Dates, a chapter on Storytelling, a chapter on Non Verbal Communication, a chapter on Kissing, a chapter on Fashion and Grooming, a chapter on Winging, and a chapter on Phone Game. If you’re hitting on a woman one way or another, you’ll have to deal with these topics. However, Magic Bullets goes into great detail in each one, and gives you great pointers on how to generate attraction and maintain comfort.

In general, what I like most of Magic Bullets is that it explains the why’s and the how’s in great detail. This allows you to understand the reasons behind each phase and their overall objective and facilitates developing your own material and even improvising. Another good thing of the book is that it is designed in a way that you can just read whichever chapter you want depending on where you are struggling.

I love Magic Bullets, and refer to it whenever I need a boost in my game, or help with a particular area I’m trying to master.

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