David Wygant's Date to Win Review

Date To WinDavid Wygant’s Date to Win e-book offers a unique perspective to the world of men’s dating help. David Wygant has been coaching for longer than almost anyone else in the community and has helped many, many men succeed in their dating lives. His natural game style of pick-up make his techniques vary greatly from many other members of the community. Situational openers and listening skills are far more important skills to David Wygant than scripted routines.

David Wygant’s Date to Win gives the reader solid information on how to use whatever skills and resources you have to become a more attractive person.

In fact the book begins by explaining that the skills necessary to attract the women you desire are actually inherent: “The skills that I’m going to show you are skills that you already possess – your inherent traits. Unfortunately, they are likely skills you’ve spent a lifetime forgetting how to use when you needed them most.” In general being yourself is truly the best way to go about the dating world. As Style would say “don’t just be yourself, be your best self.”

The first section or “step” of the book then deals with a sort of self-assessment of yourself. In order to be your “most dynamic you”, you have to first understand who you are and what limits and advantages you have. By writing down the answers to questions about your appearance, fears of approaching, and other personal beliefs, the reader is able to assess his current situation and put things in perspective.

One particularly important topic is the assessment of your communication skills. Do you listen to what a woman says or just wait for an opportunity to talk about yourself? Wygant also breaks down the differences between male and female communication patterns. Women are generally she-talkers, while men are mostly he-talkers. Understanding how women communicate different than men, according to Wygant will greatly increase the connection a woman feels towards you.

Further questions ask they reader how they handle criticism and judge other people. Do you get emotional and take things negatively? Do you pass unfair judgments on people you don’t actually know?

Lastly he asks the reader to assess whether they are romantically inclined or not.

The next step in Wygant’s book asks the reader to “get real”, and assess what type of women he is looking for and further assess who he is as a person. It can sometimes be easy for men to just chase after all women without any actual expectations of what they are looking for in mind. I myself have been guilty of this for most of my life. I would just chase after any woman that seemed achievable to attract. What a waste of time though to pursue a woman that will not really fulfill you in the long-run.

By knowing who you are and who you are looking for, you will approach women authentically. Using routines or lines that are not true to who you are or what you stand for will ultimately hurt you in the long-run.

Knowing yourself and the women you want will lay the groundwork for you to present the attractive parts of who you are without needing to put on some sort of act. Women are attracted to men who can connect with them on a deep level. However, men have to get past theirs fears and inabilities that get in the way of connecting with a woman they are attracted to.

Step three has the reader look for “romantic opportunities everywhere”. In this step the reader is asked to examine his daily routines and discover the romantic opportunities available in that routine.

Various exercises ask the reader to observe the women they see throughout the day and write down observations. The purpose is to both see what opportunities are out there, and to think of ways to connect with women in those familiar situations. This step also describes various places to meet women and how you can use the circumstances of the environment to your advantage.

The fourth step looks at how to get women to approach you. Your mindset and body language will communicate to women whether or not you are approachable. Women, have fears of approaching men and being rejected too.

David Wygant offers the reader exercises to try while he goes about the day, such as smiling and making eye contact with women. Being a social guy, who can work the room and acquaint himself with the people around him, will help him be more attractive and approachable to women who observe him (social proof).

Step five gets into the nuts and bolts of the approach and interaction with a woman you want to meet. One helpful tool is to use a “prop” to help start and lead a conversation. A prop can be just about anything in the environment that will aid the interaction, including objects, events, and people. He then looks at specific props and techniques you can use in a variety of places where you are likely to meet women.

One interesting one was the 10 P.M. rule to use when out at bars and clubs. This is the section of the e-book that really looks at techniques in detail.

Lastly, the book ends with the last step of setting goals. When you actually put the knowledge you have gained into action, what are you going to try to accomplish?

I have read, watched, and listened to many different products out there in the community and David Wygant’s Date to Win, really struck me as unique. The book does not require the reader to be fluent in community jargon, or remember a boatload of routines, techniques, and choreographed movements. In fact his advice at times seems startlingly simple and obvious, but really gets to the heart of what matters, and is ignored by most men.

Probably, the most useful portions of the e-book are the exercises Wygant asks you to do while reading the material. Best of all the exercises are really simple, but extremely useful. Due to time constraints, I haven’t been able to do all the exercises myself, but the ones I have done have been really eye-opening for me.

I highly recommend this product.
It would be great for a beginner, or even someone who has read a lot in the community. I think that Wygant’s approach to attracting women may be particularly appealing to those in the community who have been struggling to have success with other methods.

Get ahead and download Date To Win