Cocky Comedy by David Deangelo

Cocky comedy

Anyone familiar with David Deangelo will be able to tell you how much he values a tool of attraction known as cocky and funny, or, as this program calls it Cocky Comedy. Though David Deangelo stresses the importance of cocky comedy in all his products, this is the only one that deals specifically with the concept of arrogant humor as a tool to get a woman attracted. Throughout the six hours of material, David and his featured guest speakers describe the details of why cocky comedy attracts women to men, and the specific ways in which it can be used in the field.

In the first part of the program, David Deangelo described the reasons cocky comedy is important by looking into human psychology. Cocky comedy is counter intuitive but when understood, it makes sense, and seems obvious. One important piece was examining why people laugh in the first place. As David explained, most laughter is not actually in response to something that is funny, but is a response to other things. He also went on to describe the differences between males and females when it comes to laughter and how laughing is a sign of status between men and women.

David went on to explain how this combination of cocky and funny can raise your status and create attraction in women. Having a woman laugh is fun and builds comfort, but the humor should also show high status.

Also, busting on a woman creates all sorts of sexual tension between the man and woman creating mystery and intrigue. Cocky comedy should also be used as a tool to create good vibes between a man and woman. The point of cocky comedy is to elevate status so you should avoid self-deprecating humor. And of course, you must be congruent with the personality you are displaying.

After explaining the reasons why cocky comedy works, David described actual ways that cocky comedy can be used, and examples of ways to do it. First David described various roles or characters you can become to show humor, such as acting like a high maintenance woman. He describes various ways to tease and play with a woman, such as messing with waitresses and constantly busting on a woman. A man using cocky and funny always know “it’s on” with a woman and acts accordingly in an amusing way. One funny way to make humor is to juxtapose two unrelated things. It is also fun to call a woman funny nicknames like dork or brat or communicate cocky comedy non-verbally through body language.

The second half of the program featured guest speakers. The first guest was Craig (known by many as the PUA that was on eliminate). Craig is well known for cocky and funny ways to interact with women, and he shares some of his best stuff. Craig’s style is a bit more ballsy and physical than David’s, but for some high-energy folk, this may be just what they are looking for.

The next guest was Will H. Like Craig, Will has been featured on many of David’s other programs. His style of cocky comedy is more playful and teasing than others. One thing he does is use negative compliments (what Mystery would call negs) such as “you’re pretty cute for a short girl)”. A lot of the lines are funny responses to things women say, usually in response to tests.

The next guest was a well-known member of the community and main man in the company Real Social Dynamics, known as Twenty-Six. Twentysix’s style of cocky comedy is by far the bizarrest of all the speakers. He will do the craziest, silliest things to entertain the women he interacts with, but more importantly, himself. He will go off and do almost anything to show that his own amusement and fun is more important than the approval of women, even if includes strange voices and talking cell phones.

The next speaker was a man David met at an earlier seminar of his, named Sean. This former student of David’s was by far the best speaker in the program.

His presentation alone may well be worth the price of the program. Sean was particularly interesting by the fact that he has a rare disorder that causes him to have extremely fragile bones. Due to this he is only about three feet tall and has to move about in a wheelchair. If there was ever a reason to prove that looks and physical ability have nothing to do with attraction, Sean is living proof of this.

What is particularly compelling about Sean is his outlook on the world. His reality is unshakable.

Some more of Sean’s strengths are his training in NLP and his experience as a professional motivational speaker. You cannot listen to him speak and not feel motivated and empowered.

Though his main focus is on inner-game, Sean also gives examples of how he uses things most would consider, defects to his advantage in attracting women. He is extremely playful and comes in so under the radar that he can get away with almost anything.

It is hard to put into words just how powerful this presentation was, so I will leave it up to you to experience it yourself.

The final guest speaker was David’s friend Richard.

This was the man that taught David most of the material David used to formulate his theories behind the power of cocky comedy in attracting women.

Richard’s personality is the very definition of cocky and funny. He formed his award winning personality without even realizing the power it had until later on in his life. Listening to him speak can really help the viewer see cocky comedy in action.

I know from first hand experience the power cocky comedy can have. I would not recommend this program to someone who is a complete newbie though. Cocky comedy is an important tool in attraction, but to be truly successful with women, there is much more involved. If, however, you are familiar with how attraction works and want to really improve your use of cocky comedy, this may be what you’ve been looking for.

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