2 Girls Teach Sex Review

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2 Girls Teach SexI recently came across a product called 2 Girls Teach Sex or 2GTS, which is exactly what it says. 2 Girls Teach Sex is a sex education, instructional DVD set with loads of great footage with real porn stars. In this review I’ll try and go over some of the most important aspects of 2 Girls Teach Sex. You might already love it because it combines my two favorite things in life – self-help and sex. Yes, this page is NSFW… =)

Watch 2 Girls Teach SexLet’s dive into 2 Girls Teach Sex to see if it suits you or not. You’ll get 4 DVDs in the 2 Girls Teach Sex bundle:

  • Multiple Orgasm Methods Forbidden Sex Secrets
  • Advanced Sex Techniques For Guaranteed Orgasms
  • Shawna’s Porn Star Sex Secrets
  • Bonus DVD: Secrets Of Squirting Orgasms (my favorite).

You’ll also get a Secret Training Manual CD-ROM which is useful for brush ups on techniques before she comes over! The DVDs are a mix of seminar and actual live demonstrations of the techniques.

The Techniques Taught Are ADVANCED

While beginners will enjoy the tips about how to tease, kiss, and undress a woman, the actual sex and foreplay techniques demonstrated are very HIGH-LEVEL.

2 Girls Teach SexThis does not mean that they are hard to pull off. In fact, it is the opposite: it is very simple to use these techniques to give your woman mind-blowing orgasms.

What I mean is that I was surprised with the caliber of techniques presented. While I had figured out a lot of the techniques during my own experiences with women, there were many techniques and tricks that were still new to me.

I imagine that 99% of men on the planet will never learn these techniques, as they are primarly used by bi-sexual woman. What even fewer men know is that these secrets work JUST AS WELL when used by a man in trying to please a woman.

The Production Value Is High-End

These DVDs were shot in HD with great camera work and editing. These aren’t recorded in a van, or a bus with an outdated handycam… (Perhaps next edition?) 😉

The Seminar-Style Content Is Very VALUABLE

Before watching the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs I assumed that the live demonstrations would be the highlight. Now I would have to say that they are equal to the secrets Shawna and her guests share in the seminar-style portions and in CD-ROM manual.

2 Girls Teach Sex PreviewShawna brought in one of her male friends who is a “natural” at pleasing women to come in and teach the MENTAL SIDE of the sex game… and he shares some very interesting psychological tricks for getting women to have multiple orgasms without having to last long and regardless of your “size”.

But what you really need to pay attention to are the secrets of making a woman addicted to you on a SEXUAL level. This is where the real game comes in, my friend. A woman’s physical and mental sensations share a MUCH closer connection than a man’s… and if you can get a woman addicted to you SEXUALLY… then the emotional and mental connection are guaranteed to follow. This is POWERFUL and something anyone who hopes to master the game must know.

The Women Are Extremely HOT

I have high standards in women, so ’nuff said about that. These women are gorgeous.squirting orgasms

Lots Of “Bang” For Your Buck

These 5 DVDs combined make up hours of material, and so many tips and techniques that it will take you WEEKS to try them all out. I suggest that you watch the DVDs one at a time, take notes, then try out the techniques from one DVD each night. This is the best way to permanently implement them into your arsenal. By the time you have gone thru all of the DVDs you will know more about making a woman sexually CRAZY for you than nearly any man in the WORLD… let alone her ex-boyfriends.

In Summary, I Highly Recommend the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs

Knowing the techniques in 2 Girls Teach Sex is vitally important, and these DVDs make them easy to learn. In fact, you will be using the secrets to make your woman scream the same night you watch them. I’ve seen other products, like Daniel Rose’s Sex God Method, and 2 Girls Teach Sex is just as great. The skills I’ve learned in this set have paid me back very quickly. =)

Don’t just sit around and wait for your sex life to change! Watch a video preview of 2 Girls Teach Sex by clicking here.

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Don’t just sit around and wait for your sex life to change! Watch a video preview of 2 Girls Teach Sex by clicking here.