Paul Janka's Attraction Formula

Attraction FormulaAttraction Formula was written by an “underground” but extremely experienced New York player named Paul Janka. His recent appearance on Dr. Phil (video) has a lot of guys curious about his no-frills approach to meeting women.

He’s had sex with (at the time of the book) about 146 women, so he certainly has the credentials to provide some excellent insights into the finer points of advanced game.

The interesting thing about this book is that there is very little focus on “inner game.” Janka’s writing is zero-fluff and gets right into tactics and getting the job done.

The book is split up into five sections:

  • I. PREPARATION: Philosophy and Mindset
  • II. ENGAGEMENT: Bringing Her into Your Reality
  • III. MIDGAME: Moving Beyond the Digits
  • IV. SEXUAL LOGISTICS: Making It Happen
  • V. RELATIONSHIPS: The Final Frontier
  • VI. LUXURY PROBLEMS: Consequences of the Player Lifestyle


Despite the strong focus on advanced game, Janka does cover the foundations of solid beginner game and how to overcome approach anxiety. His talks about how to conquer fear and how to get into the zone (he calls this “mojo”).

In addition he talks about where and when to meet women for an effective interaction. What’s interesting is that Janka does not go to bars or clubs at night or on the weekend. As a result, much of the material here is on street or “day game.”


The second section of the book is where Janka’s extensive experience becomes apparent. Since he’s lived in New York City for several years, he has approached thousands of women. He discusses overcoming objections and how to get phone numbers quickly. His game here is very tight and goal oriented. He doesn’t spend a lot of time chatting with women for long periods of time. In fact, he discourages it.


Here Janka talks about what to do after you get the phone number. How do you transition from meeting her on the street to having her naked and screaming your name at the end of the night? He also reveals more about his infamous spreadsheet that contains details of all the women that he’s been with. He then dives into dates and where to go and what to say during the date. I think he could have expanded this section more, but there are still quite a few gems here to make it a worthwhile read for any serious player.

Sexual Logistics

This is where things get hot and heavy. Janka discusses issues of respect, getting her turned on, and transitioning to sex. His style is fast paced and may be a little too advanced for beginners. He’s even said that he doesn’t take women on dates anymore. He simply meets them on the street and later invites them back to his apartment. In this part of the book, he also gives out several good tips on how to setup your apartment for sex.


Even a seasoned player like Janka occasionally has relationships. He talks about how to make the decision to enter a relationship and how to effectively prevent a relationship from developing, should that be your decision. Topics of note here are how to manage multiple girls and how to manage their expectations.

Luxury Problems

One of the funnier bits I’ve seen in a long time. For instance, he brings up the interesting challenge of trying to schedule dates with girls based on their menstrual cycles. Dry cleaning bills and soiled linens are also rants that had me falling off my chair.

Janka concludes his hard-hitting guide with several case studies from his personal life. While the book is certainly not for the faint of heart, his advice is solid and is a worth reading several times over. I would strongly recommend it for anyone looking for a book on advanced game.

Download the Attraction Formula and learn how Paul Janka dominates one of the biggest cities in the world – New York City.