Health Facilities in Dubai

Dubai is known as the trade hub of the UAE. Besides trade, it is also the most popular tourist destination where almost 4 million tourists from around the world visit each year. There are tons of attractions in this wonderful city. In the middle-east Asia, Dubai is also a renowned name when it comes to healthcare. There are different public and private hospitals providing healthcare facilities.

All the hospitals in Dubai are providing state of the art health facilities. People from different parts of the world, especially Asia, travel to Dubai to get treatment for different health problems. The public hospitals are keener to providing healthcare facilities to the locals. They might refuse treatment to expatriates and people of other countries. Contrary to this, the private hospitals are open to everybody including the expatriates. However, the treatment in private hospitals can be very expensive depending on the nature of the disease.

The government of the UAE has invested heavily in the health sector and that is the reason why the standard of healthcare facilities is higher in Dubai. For those who like to get the treatment in public or government backed hospitals, getting a health card is important. The Ministry of Health Dubai issues the health card which can be used for treatment in government hospitals.

The standard of both the public and private hospitals is same because of the fact that the doctors and the medical staff are expatriates and the reason of them working in Dubai is like any other expatriate i.e. financial rewards.

There are many people who are of the view that private hospitals are better than public hospitals however, this is not true at all. If you are planning to move to Dubai and want to get treatment in private hospitals, it is advisable to buy a health insurance policy. There are various health insurance policies available in Dubai which can be bought on payments of a fixed sum of payments known as an insurance premium.

Dubai is ideal for healthcare facilities. Here you can get the best health facilities and medicines of all types and for all health problems. If you are moving to Dubai, follow the above suggestions in order to live a peaceful and happier life.