David Deangelo’s Man Transformation Program

Man Transformation

David Deangelo has completed a new live program called the Man Transformation Program.

Read this review of the event and what to expect on the DVDs:

My Experience At The Double Your Dating: Man Transformation

By Alpha Anonymous
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APRIL 07TH – 11TH 2008

First off, I must say, that attending this seminar was probably the best investment I ever made for myself. This seminar has already changed my life and it will continue to do so for the rest of it, I’m sure of that.

Each day started at 9AM and ended at 7PM, but then there were these bonus sessions in the evening on 4 out of the 5 days, so each day really ended, on average, at about 930PM/10PM. Monday, we had Hypnotica and Steve Piccus do a whole bonus session with Q & A and then they put everyone in a trance, totally awesome. On Tuesday, David Deangelo did a bonus session on Time Management & Personal Productivity. On Wednesday, he did a bonus session on Physical Health & Wellness. And on Thursday, he did one on Money, Business & Success (Pretty much a lot of the Get Altitude material). I didn’t summarize any of the bonus sessions because I don’t know if they’re gonna be on the DVD’s or not, but I’m sure it’s good to know that he does this sort of thing, in the event that you ever decide to attend one of his seminars.

DAY 01 – APRIL 07TH 2008

“Your desire to be unique is unoriginal.”

This was the first thing I wrote down.

This idea, alone, felt like a slap in the face. I’ve been working with the DYD material (and others) for about 3 years now, and this statement redefined everything I ever thought I knew about anything. Take some time to really think about everything this statement communicates – it’s life-changing.

First came inner game.

The whole first day was spent building a foundation of understanding of most of our behavior. Why we think we do/don’t want/need what we do/don’t want/need, the games we play to justify the rationales behind it all, why and how we got to this point. More importantly, we spent a lot of time figuring out how we can get ourselves to actually do all the things we think we want to do and how to make that success inevitable.

That’s right, I said inevitable.

There was a HUGE focus on everyone getting out of their own comfort zones. Getting out of your comfort zone makes everyone in your life uncomfortable, not just you. The catch is that, when you get out of your comfort zone, you learn, grow, develop, etc. much better and faster, and so does everyone else in your life, even if they don’t like it.

“Where have you gotten too comfortable in your life, so much that it’s gotten dangerous?” David Deangelo had us ask ourselves this question and I suggest you ask yourself the same. It will help you realize what you aren’t already doing in your life that you need to start doing, right now.

The problem is we have all these emotional blocks in our lives (they can all pretty much be boiled down to and identified as fears), but we want someone else to remove them. The trick is realizing that we can do it ourselves if we figure out how, so that we can go do all that other stuff that we want to do, right now.

Something huge, that I realized for myself, is that we (as guys) tend to deal with our negative emotions on a logical level, and that that’s our fatal mistake.

Dealing with negative emotions with logic and reason – it doesn’t make sense (anymore).

You have to deal with negative EMOTIONS on an EMOTIONAL level. You have to accept the fact that you have the emotion in the first place and don’t fight it. Don’t fight FEELING it. Experience the emotion and it will change, all on its own. David Deangelo had us do some visualization exercises, some breathing exercises, etc. to help us achieve this.

He gave us the tools needed to get rid of negative emotions – once and for all. This was huge for me.

First day basically helped everyone to realize just how much we’re NOT in control of ourselves, how we need to harness the little willpower we get in life (and how to do that) and to realize that we’ve all been way too distracted by a lot of petty bullshit, which, ironically, is almost all “The Community” tends to focus on – another slap in the face.

I would go into more detail, but this is just a summary. Besides, if you get the DVD’s, it WILL be that much better, no doubt in my mind about it. David Deangelo and his team know how to present the material in a way that’s actually practical, I highly recommend that everybody get it when this program drops, but only if you’re actually gonna do all the exercises. If not, you won’t get much out of the program. If you’ve ever gone through any of his other programs, I’m sure you’ll agree that this one will blow the rest out of the water. I wouldn’t have needed any of his other programs if this one had been available when I embarked on my journey.

DAY 02 – APRIL 08TH 2008

Still inner game.

On this day, we covered how to achieve independence and how to recognize the patterns that we’ve been repeating our whole lives but couldn’t identify because we think they’re normal. In other words, we learned how to identify unhealthy habits when dealing with situations that either push our buttons or make us uncomfortable and how to change those habits. The most useful thing for me in this section was a visualization exercise he had us do.

Then David Deangelo went onto show us just how much our relationship with our mothers have an influence over every date/girlfriend/wife we’ve ever had or will ever have, creepy but so true.

He taught us a great deal about our own “Personal Myth” – how we use the details of our life story to rationalize why the things that are happening to us now are happening and why the things that will happen to us later in life will happen, when they happen. He taught us how to deconstruct this stuff and realize what’s REALLY happening, why, how to change it, etc.

David Deangelo started talking about relationships at this point. I know that a large percentage of us are just trying to figure out how to go out, have a good time, date, hook-up, etc., and maybe not so much trying to figure out how to have an awesome relationship, but there are usually unhealthy reasons that we aren’t acknowledging for why this is the case. If this is you, then you will get a lot of value out of this section. You will realize why you haven’t accepted the fact that you actually want a relationship, how to get comfortable with that, how to get one and how to keep one.

Then he got borderline too self help on us, but then again, that’s kind of what we were all there for. I say this because he then taught us what it means to start developing the best relationship we’ve ever had – with ourselves… and how the fact that you haven’t done this, is the root of most of your problems. Anyone thinking thoughts like,”boo!” or “laaaame” as you’re reading this right now – this section could probably help you more than just about anyone else. Get the DVD’s, this little summary does NOT do this section any justice at all, it was pretty damn profound.

This is what helped us figure out how to get our adventurous side and our comfortable safe side to coexist and how to get what we want on both ends – huuuuuuuuuuuuge.

I think that day 2 was more about establishing respect for sex, women and ourselves, but in a way that’s not cheesy, just real.

I know it seems like day 2 must’ve been a little shorter, but it wasn’t. There was simply a lot of work to do.

DAY 03 – APRIL 09TH 2008

Onto interactions (or outer game, whatever) with a little inner game in the mix.


I’m not going to explain this. Just know that, everything you knew about attraction will almost become obsolete once you learn about gravity (and the 5 P’s of gravity), this stuff was a much needed paradigm shift. Once you understand gravity, attraction is just a symptom.

Get the DVD’s.

Hypnotica was the first official guest of the program. He took a lot of questions and answered them all. He spoke on men and competitiveness/territoriality, ejaculation and how it can serve you in different ways than the obvious ones, path/purpose – big picture stuff, multiple relationships and the distinctions between when a woman is flirting with you vs. when she’s coming onto you. Very cool stuff.

David Wygant was the next guest. This guy is a machine. This guy was probably one of the biggest highlights of the day, no joke. He is so spot on about how men should aspire to live their lives, it’s not even funny. This guy has game on a totally different level. He really taught us about what it means to be a passionate guy, through his words AND his behavior, and why that is so valuable for us guys who want to get better with women. I took like 7 pages of notes based on what he said alone. I would want to check out the DVD’s just to watch this guy speak, freakin’ awesome.

Michael the Dating Wizard was the next guest. He spoke on a lot of miscellaneous things that may have seemed a bit elementary in the moment, but I later got some pretty big insights from what he shared when I reviewed my notes. In retrospect, I have to say that I got some pretty valuable aha’s from what he shared.

Next guest was Alex Allman (? – not sure on the last name). This guy basically schooled the whole room. Anyone who’s been heavily into pick-up, for however long, must’ve felt pretty humbled after this guy spoke. He pretty much taught us all about respect for ourselves, women & life. He taught us what the real definition of a total 10 is and how we can develop ourselves into a total 10 for a woman, spoke of relationships, what makes them work and what’s required to have phenomenal sex. I know this all might sound a little cheesy right now, but put it this way – this guy got TWO standing ovations from the whole room. Not one, two. And I participated in those standing ovations, because he deserved them.

Surprise Guests: Lauren & Francis were next. Two women who spoke on what it takes to become a real man and the secret to women. Gave us a pretty practical exercise to determine what the REAL woman of our dreams is like, and pretty much told us to dump our current partners (if we had them) if they didn’t fit the bill. All I’m gonna say is : Confidence, compassion, caring, the ability to ACTUALLY listen (not just be able to recite a woman’s words or wait for your turn to talk) and the ability to make a woman relax whenever she freaks out or has a negative emotion – master that shit.

Sean Stevenson spoke at the end of day 3. Let me tell you what… Any reason I ever had to feel terrible about myself is now non-existent thanks to Sean. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the guy, but hearing him give the talk he gave at this seminar was some of the most potent stuff I’ve ever heard. Probably one of the best speakers, if not THE best speaker at this entire event. I now admire this man profoundly and his message will stay with me forever – he changed my life.

I think that day 3 was more about becoming and really understanding what it means to become a REAL man, and understanding that becoming a real man IS what women want.

DAY 04 – APRIL 10TH 2008

A little bit of inner game, interactions and, finally, intimacy were mixed into the material today.

Ask everyone you know the following question:

“What’s something you know about me (who I am as a person, that is) that I can’t see or don’t realize?”

Ask everyone, and don’t argue, just listen. And when they’re done, say thanks and realize that they’re right, because to THEM, it’s true. And if it’s true to them, and it’s something you don’t like, then do whatever it takes to change their perception of you, without having to convince them that they’re wrong, because they’re not. They’re just right in relation to their own perception. Hope this makes sense.

I could elaborate on how David Deangelo broke down the concept of partial perspectives and how everyone is right AND wrong, simultaneously, including you, and how our problem is that we care way too much about what people think, etc. etc. etc.

But if you just ask people the question above and accept their answers without feeling like you need to justify or explain or defend or whatever, then you will become more powerful. Just do the right things to correct any negative perceptions that people have about you, especially the people that care about you or the people who you care about the most.

David Deangelo basically helped us change more negative beliefs that we established within ourselves long ago. He showed us how to go back and change them at the source with some practical exercises, visualizations and whatnot. Totally cool stuff.

Lots of focus on what “reality” actually is, what is it we’re not aware of about ourselves and how to get some clues about those things.

Our first guest of the day was Rion Williams. This guy started off badly. He just started showing some slides, reading off of them really quickly, not really trying to connect with the audience. But then David Deangelo decided to have a conversation with him instead ‘cause I think he noticed that the audience wasn’t being very receptive. Once they got the conversation going, this guy turned out to be REALLY PROFOUND and insightful. I really dug a lot of what Rion shared. He talked about getting yourself into relationship with “Alpha Elements” and how getting the girl is really about matching your energy with hers. In other words, get your own energy to be on the same level with all forms of power and you can do anything – crazy. He also spoke about the social matrix in western civilization, this stuff was really interesting because it explained why women here in the US are the way that they are (men too, actually), which is nothing new but it is when you hear it the way he explained it. I could go on and on about what this guy talked about, get the DVD’s – this stuff was priceless.

David Buss – the evolutionary psychologist – took the stage next. He basically broke everything down into a scientific realm. He went so fast though, that I didn’t really get to take many notes, I just absorbed everything he said. He spoke of the various studies he’d done around the world and how the stats pretty much lined up with David Deangelo’s material, pretty cool.

The next guest was Vin DiCarlo. At first, I was skeptical. He seemed like just another pick-up guru, but then I realized that this was just a guy who’d figured out some pretty cool stuff about social dynamics and the principles that all pick-up is more or less based on. This dude broke stuff down into really really practical stuff, you should check some of it out. He had us do some exercises that seemed kind of like, “duh”, but not so much once we actually did them. Cool shit.

I don’t remember what was said or why, but I wrote the following things down between Vin DiCarlo and the next guest:

“Almost all of us get distracted with content.”

“Every belief requires some level of faith.”

Take those for what they’re worth.

The next guest was Brad P. I thought this guy was gonna be a total dork, I wasn’t really excited about him speaking. But then he started going at it and a lot of the stuff he was saying was total common sense that I didn’t have, so I got a lot of gold from him. The BEST part about this guy was this ONE technique he shared because, thanks to this guy and this one technique, my approach anxiety is TOTALLY GONE, never to return. One word: Absurdify. Get the DVD’s.

“Wisdom comes from multiple perspectives plus a lot of experience.”

Grant Adams was the next guest. This guy was pretty dang cool. He shared a lot about what it means to live an inspired life, very profound material. He was a bit on the spiritual side, but I’m pretty spiritual myself, so his stuff really resonated with me. He was pretty inspiring actually, so he was pretty congruent with his message. I definitely recommend listening to him speak if you get the DVD’s.

I really think that day 4 was about reality, understanding what reality actually is, becoming grounded in that understanding, smoothing out some residual inner issues as a result of this reality stuff and then being able to move forward in life, confidently knowing that the sky isn’t the limit – it’s ground zero.

DAY 05 – APRIL 11TH 2008

We learned more about intimacy with a little outer game in the mix on this day. Also, this day gave me closure on the whole transformation thing, and verified that I really had transformed.

David Deangelo started off speaking about social status. He spoke about this in his mastery program, but he went into it here (but not in so much depth) because it really fit in with the material at this point, especially the way he delivered some of the status content here.

First guest of the day was Mehow. I wasn’t looking forward to this guy speaking, but by the time he was done, I kinda dug everything he said. Later that night, I went to a bar with one of the guys from the seminar and a lot of what he shared made way more sense there. I really liked his approach on outer game techniques.

The next guest was Rori Raye. This lady was awesome. She pretty much schooled everybody on why men and women behave the way they do with each other, totally tripped out. She spoke about control and the issues that men and women have with control (within a relationship context). She said that women can’t have sex with you and NOT fall in love and that, to a woman, she thinks that the two of you are starting a relationship after the first date, whether it’s been said or not – careful guys.

Doc was the next guest – Probably the best speaker of the day. He really shared A LOT about being a real man, social networking & authenticity. I can’t wait to watch him speak again once I get the DVD’s, he was totally inspiring.

Lance Mason
. Lance was awesome. He pretty much broke down the serendipitous moment that everyone woman longs to experience and showed us how it’s done! I’m really gonna have to study what he shared a few times over.

Lastly, Neil Strauss. Neil was awesome, he was such a cool guy, totally down to earth and really interested in taking the community to the next level of honesty, authenticity and integrity. He broke down what the words LAS VEGAS stood for and had everyone do some exercises for this, really insightful stuff. His exercises taught me a lot about myself, for reals.

David Deangelo then went onto close the event. There was this amazing energy in the room, totally inspiring and I was left with a real sense of closure. I felt like I got 100X more than what I paid for.

I think day 5 was about really solidifying in our minds, what the word “transformation” really means (at least in this context), because when the whole thing was over, I felt more like a man than I ever have. I’ve had some really messed up issues with self-esteem, depression, guilt and shame about sex, my body, religious baggage that I didn’t know how to let go of, etc. etc. etc. All that shit’s gone now. I really feel like this day wrapped up what we came for – to transform into real men.

I get the feeling that it’s possible that this summary just sounds like a big marketing piece for the DVD’s, but it’s not. I just emphasize getting them because I know how much this program helped me (especially because I had these really bad inner game issues that I needed to destroy), and also because, if you think that you know what happened at the seminar because you read this summary, guess again. I can’t stress enough, just how much of an impact the exercises that David put us through really had on me and most of the guys in that room. I hope that whoever buys the program gets just as much, if not more, than what I got out of it.

I want to end this summary with a story…

After the whole thing was over, I was walking back to my car in the parking lot, reflecting on everything I’d experienced that week. Once I got close to where I’d parked, I noticed one of the other guys who attended the seminar and I asked him, “So, what did you think? Did you get what you came for? Did you transform?”

He said something to effect of, “I dunno, we’ll see. I’ve been to a lot of these, and I’m old now. I mean, I don’t think I can do any of the stuff that so and so was talking about and, you know, Tyler said that the difference between naturals and us is that naturals don’t think about any of this stuff. I mean, I must’ve slept with hundreds of women by now man, I’m old – and I’m still sitting here learning what? Pick-up? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

It got real quiet then, as I stopped to think about how to respond to what he said.

I then smiled and said to him, “Maybe none of that stuff matters man. Maybe you just need to be happy, and be grateful for the fact that you know what that means now.”

He stopped and looked at me like I’d said something he’d never heard before.

Then he said, “I think you nailed it man”.

That’s when I knew I had transformed.

Check out the DVDs: