Conquer Your Campus

Conquer your campusConquer Your Campus was conceived by Christian Hudson, and his friend and former protege Mark Redman. This is the first, and as of the time of this review – the only – dating advice that is specifically focused on getting college that I’ve come across.

The material is split up into three sections: an overview of college social dynamics, an in-depth primer on college social circle game, and a set of techniques for getting college wanting to college girls.

pickup college girls

The book takes some “seduction community” concepts such as pre-selection, and applies them to the college environment in a way that makes sense. It is clear that Mark and Christian both had a very clear understanding of what it takes to get girls at college (and I can personally vouch for this, having seen some of Christian’s ex-girlfriend’s from college).

Conquer Your Campus Overview

college girlsThe overview of picking up college girls explains why “game” doesn’t work very well on campus. Mark takes a perspective that invokes evolutionary biology, and gives the reader a very clear view of what it is that women look for in men on campus. This alone was worth the price of admission – especially if you’re an underclassman or just beginning college. He introduces the concept of a “20% man” – one of the 20% of men who hooks up with 80% of the girls. He then presents the “four traits” which all 20% men have, and does a great job teaching you how to *become* a 20% man.

Second Part

The second part of the book is focused on becoming the center of a social circle. This is obviously critical in college, but even if you’re not in school, it is the best primer I’ve seen on social circle game. Mark gives you a ton of ideas about how to be popular and bring people together. Then he specifically talks about how to meet and connect with the coolest guys and the hottest girls.

Third Part

sexy college girlsThe third part of the book is tactical. He tells you how to meet girls in class, in coffee shops, at parties and at bars. He gives you a lot of lines to use and several techniques. He goes from initiating the conversation, to escalating and hooking up. It is good, but compared to how in-depth some other products are, this is probably the lightest section of the book. If you read everything else in the book and internalize it, a lot of it will make sense to you, and you can supplement it with everything else you’ve read from things like the Double Your Dating (essential) and other material.

Where is the book not so strong?
There is not a whole lot for commuters – Mark is really targeting this to people who live on campus. Also, if you don’t have the desire to be a very social person, it won’t be great for you, since a lot of it is about rising to the top of the college social scene and dating the girls you’ll meet in that way. But based on everything I know about college game, and certainly what I’ve seen from others, this is how the hottest girls pick the guys they’re going to date on campus.

pickup college girls at partiesThe book is interesting. It could be considered a beginners manual, or advanced, depending on how you look at it. Because there is not as much of a focus on what to say, it leaves the reader to his imagination more than I’d like. But it presents such basic concepts as social circles and college social dynamics with such clarity that they should be required reading for any college guy who isn’t hooking up with regularity.

Mark also has a follow-up series of lectures that I’d highly recommend. He and Christian recorded about five hours of phone training where they go into more detail as to what’s in the book, do troubleshooting for some of the readers, and provide a whole lot more insight. It is good to listen to them talk, and you can hear the energy in their voices and how they communicate. I believe you might get those with the book anyways.

Conquer your campus

BOTTOM LINE: if you’re in college and aren’t hooking up as much as you want, then this book is a must-read.
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