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Seduction Masters Interview

You may have heard of this emerging star in the seduction community before. Magic helped coach with Brad P, was on David Deangelo’s Man Transformation program, and has a unique perspective on the seduction community we’re all a part of. After seeing Magic infield, I realized this was coach that men need to learn from. […]


AFC Adam Lyons Interview

by Editor on March 23, 2009

DONOVAN: What made you decide to become a dating coach? AFC Adam: Honestly I didn’t plan it. I always just wanted to learn how to improve myself. I met a guy in the UK who was willing to teach me in return for me helping him drum up some PR for his business. Once the […]


Where are you from, what’s your background? I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. I played sports growing up and through high school. When I graduated high school I almost went to West Point, but ended up going to The University of Oklahoma instead. Probably the best decision I ever made. My college […]


Sean Stephenson Interview

by Editor on September 8, 2008

Tell me about where you’re from and how you got to be where you are now with “inner game.” Where I’m from? Well physically speaking, Planet Earth; more specifically, Chicago, IL. Intellectually and emotionally, however, I’ve come from a kid born with a rare bone disorder that has confined my mobility to a wheelchair, stunted […]


This interview, might be the craziest one yet. TwentySix is known for being 26 when he first kissed and had sex with a woman. He was a featured speaker in David Deangelo‘s Cocky Comedy a few years back, and has since started a comedy coaching program at You’ve come to be known in the […]


Most of you have heard of Sinn, he was the lead instructor at The Mystery Method for about 3 or so years but has recently gone off on his own. He offers a unique perspective and is also going to be doing a weekly column here on Fridays. How did you get into the community? […]


Why did you get in the seduction community? I had read the game after just leaving a long relationship. The whole time I was reading it I was thinking “This is ridiculous, you can do this! You would be AMAZING at this. You have been doing this shit since you were a kid!” See, I […]


Why did you get in the seduction community? It all really started when I typed “why do girls like badboys” into Ask Jeeves, one of those old search engines that died when Google got big. Somehow, that led me to and other community websites, but all I did for a long time was read, […]

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I finally spoke with David Wygant a few days ago, and this is a coach who has been teaching guys how to be successful with women and dating long before the seduction community was popular. In this candid interview, David unloads about how he got his start, successful places to meet women, killer ways to […]


How did you get your start in the seduction community? Well, I actually started researching this back in the 90s, way back before there was ANYTHING online about dating and attraction with women. I remember the first book I got that hinted that there might be more to getting a girlfriend than giving flowers to […]