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Carlos Xuma

In this video, Carlos Xuma discusses what he found out about how men perceive their level of masculinity. He also gives a great technique on getting better responses from women that you approach. To watch the 2nd free video called “Alpha Tools” in Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Masculinity Bootcamp series, click here.

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Have you ever been talking with a bunch of guys, shooting the breeze, and all of a sudden a woman joins your group, and the vibe of the conversation changes COMPLETELY? It’s like someone just threw a wrench into the gears. Suddenly the subject changes, and you hear a record scratch in the background. Now […]

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Carlos Xuma’s new product coming soon: I didn’t start by using Direct Game. I started off and got good by learning Indirect Game, mostly by practicing indirect routines. I think starting off with an indirect approach helped me a lot. Direct Game is incredibly powerful, but it takes a certain amount of confidence to […]