Seduction Guide

Seduction Guide

The most basic points of seduction and pickup success are archived together in this comprehensive guide. Seduction and pickup are simple, but complex art forms. It will take time to understand the basic points, however you will start noticing improvements in your interactions with women straight away.

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Beginners Seduction Resources

Often time guys come to the Seduction Chronicles and are overwhelmed by how much information that’s here. I’m going to give you give a few resources to begin your seduction and pickup journey before you get into the Beginners Seduction Guide.

David DeAngeloDouble Your Dating

This is the first step. You need this guide. The writer, David Deangelo spent years trying to understand women by backward engineering successful interactions with natural seducers. David realized amazing insights that he goes into detail throughout Double Your Dating. David DeAngelo outlines the basics of evolution theory and how it relates to your interactions with women today. Double Your Dating is best selling book in the Seduction Community for one reason: it’s the basis of all other methods and tactics. This is a required reading. Get Double Your Dating

Neil Strauss – The Game

Neil Strauss’ expose on the seduction community and his journey through it. The Game is a great read and essential to help you see the whole seduction community picture. Not only is it entertaining but The Game also helps to break down myths, limiting beliefs, and what is possible for your life. This is a required reading. Get The Game

Joseph Matthews – Art of Approaching

The writer, Joseph Matthews (Thundercat) has broken down every tactic for approaching women successfully. One of the important points of this book is that it introduces you to routine based pickup. Many pickup artists use a routine based pickup so they can have more consistent results rather than ad libing. Either approach, this guide is perfected because it exposes the techniques that have the most impact on your game: approaching and meeting women. Get Art of Approaching

Love SystemsMagic Bullets eBook

The most comprehensive and well-written routine based pickup breakdown. If you’re looking for a systematic model from meeting through seduction, then this is the book for you. This book is updated regularly to include the most groundbreaking stuff from the field. Savoy, the main writer, is the CEO of Love Systems (Formerly Mystery Method) and has spent years in the Seduction Community holding workshops, seminars and privately coaching guys in the art of pickup and seduction. I found this book helpful when I couldn’t get part a certain interaction, from kissing to physical touching, and this book provided the transition. Having said that, this guide is a must for any collection and indepth with every aspect. Get Magic Bullets

Beginners Seduction Guide

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