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This may have been a long and painful journey, or perhaps a spur of the moment thought to visit this site. Whatever your personal journey, you want one thing – more success with women and dating. This is why you’re here, and I have a similar story to yours. For years I struggled with women. I’m a shorter, fun, and charismatic bloke, although I consistently failed to “pull the trigger” for years with women. I thought something was wrong with me, and I would find out later… that there was. My problem: I never received parental or sibling training in the right ways to attract and seduce women. I had no clue what flirting was or how I could do it. I had no clue about physically touching a woman. I had no clue about the push pull dynamics of flirting. I was clueless. I would spend money on women only to see them slip away and date some bad guy “jerk”. The other more familiar scenario would be my text messages or phone calls going unanswered for days until running into her unexpectedly, with her saying those infamous words, “Let’s just be friends”.

This broke me.

It took a humble evening and I went online and found a book called How To Succeed With Women by Ron Louis and David Copeland. I really can’t remember much that was in that book now, but I can’t remember reading it and gaining one important principle. That there was hope for me. The thought that I could potentially be successful with women and dating blew my mind.

I must have googled, “how to be better with women” because as long as I can remember now, I’ve been subscribed to David DeAngelo‘s Dating Tips Newsletters. I quickly devoured David DeAngelo’s emails, and yearned for more. His stuff was amazing, and it actually worked. Women were giving me responses that I had never before seen, it was magic. I decided to take a giant leap of faith and purchase his “Double Your Dating” ebook. I read it and it was as if my eyes were opened to the understanding of what he would call, the elusive obvious. The elusive obvious is something that is always in front of us, but which we never see.

A few months later I purchased David DeAngelo’s Advanced Dating series and found mention of “Pickup Artists” with even more material to teach. Mystery was one, so was Craig, Toecutter, Tyler, Brent, Rick, Steve, and Orion. These guys had the answers to many questions I had, and I started learning more about them by newsgroups, and products.

It was after 2 weeks of reading David DeAngelo’s “Double Your Dating” that I first kissed a woman, and amazingly got a girlfriend (for two weeks).

The Birth of The Seduction Chronicles

I originally started a blog called The Attraction Chronicles in September 2005. I set out to do this, as my previous work position had firewalls on any web based email client. I was incredibly bored at work, and usually spent the 4 hours (part-time) getting my work done in about 20 minutes and having boredom be my constant companion. I thought up a solution. I would post David DeAngelo’s newsletters to a blog, so I could bypass the security settings at work, and I could use that time productivity by learning dating techniques and get paid for it!

I uploaded the multiple emails before I went into work the day before. This happened for a few weeks. Over on Thundercat’s Seduction Lair, I noticed a book about to get released called “The Game” by Neil Strauss. I quickly pre-ordered it, and awaited my copy.

I decided to post reviews I found of “The Game” so I could read them at work and find out more about this Neil Strauss guy. I found his story fascinating and had heard of a few of the names mentioned in the reviews before, like Mystery and Tyler.

My copy of “The Game” arrived a few days later and I couldn’t put it down. I know many of you have the same experience. I then started noticing comments appearing on my blog from interested readers. I couldn’t believe it. I commented back, and the conversation began. I felt obligated to start reporting on news about Neil Strauss, The Game, and David DeAngelo. After a month or so, I decided to install an analytics program to track how many people came to the blog. I was amazed, that in only a month, I was getting alot of visitors. Not only unique visitors, but many returned time and time again.

I started contacting these pickup artists around the country and started doing email interviews with them. I uploaded all the videos, audio and articles I could find on the seduction community. Soon, my blog became to big for its free home at blogspot. I decided to differentiate and move to my own domain. Since then, I’ve been to numerous seduction community events, talked with dozens of pickup artists, and read loads of books.

The Future

I’m not sure what the future holds for the Seduction Chronicles. I only know that I love doing what I’m doing and find it invigorating when new guys ask for advice. I’ve seen many a guy spend money unnecessarily on products promising to have a cure fix-all to your womanizing challenges. In my experience if it seems far to good to be true it usually is. You need to use judgment, study your goals, and make decisions accordingly. I’ve put a reasonable review section up, and will be continually updating that. I also publish articles and advice I find useful on the site. I’ll also start posting up many more personal stories that you can relate to and learn from. In the meanwhile, browse around different topics and archives, there is so much information already, that you will definitely improve your game just by being here.

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If you’re new to seduction and dating and you want this area handled you owe it to yourself to check out the Beginners Seduction Guide.

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