Getting Busted: A Field Report From StyleLife Academy Coach

by Editor on April 3, 2012

I’m Gypsy, I’m a PUA. I work for Style (Neil Strauss) and I’ve had more opportunities with beautiful women than I ever thought I could achieve.

It wasn’t always this way and maybe my story starts like your story. Don’t skip down to Style’s big announcement or you’ll ruin the surprise.

Just after reading “The Game”, I was really stoked and excited. Finally I KNEW why things worked (or didn’t work) out in the past with women. Finally I KNEW what I had to do to become irresistible. First, I “recruited” my friend Ryu into my “wingman”. Then Spicy. Then Bravo. Our lair was building.

But before you start thinking that everything was peachy, I’m going to tell you the story of my GREATEST CRASH AND BURN of all times.


Spicy, Bravo, and I (Ryu had to work unfortunately), had decided that we would have a night of full on sarging. Until this point we’d only made simple forays into sarging. Like hitting on some waitresses at a bar, meeting women at the mall, etc. But this time we were determined and would go out, stay out as late as possible, and OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!

We headed to our first bar. Before we walked in we all repeated the “Three Second Rule.” No matter what we would count 1, 2, 3 and then OPEN before approach anxiety set in. Courageously, I declared that I would open the first set! We were pumped. After showing the bouncer our IDs, we waltzed into the bar, an outdoor beer garden type place near the university in Tempe, Arizona. Immediately I saw a juicy two-set at the bar. Bingo! In my mind I counted “1, 2, 3″ and walked toward the two girls. I opened my mouth but the words choked back. I tried hard to swallow my approach anxiety. Then, in the last second of the approach, I just slid to the side and ordered a beer at the bar.

DAMN approach anxiety!

After getting my brew quietly, I walked back to the guys. We looked around us. None of us were ready. We had stone feet and looked gloomy. We couldn’t approach. “Let’s go inside,” said Bravo matter-of-factly.

Disappointed, the three of us went inside the bar where it was less crowded with fewer potential women to meet. Strategically, we picked a table near the bathrooms behind the bar. We drank our beers for the next hour or so and tried not to talk about our defeat. Then out of nowhere the next opportunity presented itself. Not far from our table there was an ATM and two cute college girls walked up to it for a transaction.

“Enough of this!” I declared standing up.

“Wing me at some point” I said looking back at Bravo and Spicy as I turned toward the ATM girls, fighting my increasing approach anxiety.

“I need your female opinion on something.” I muttered upon reaching the girls.

“What?” The girl withdrawing money a cute buttoned nose brunette asked. And her friend a blonde that looked like a diminutive Heidi Klum, with a mischievous smile, turned and looked at me. Both of their gazes were enough to make me want to run out of the bar and become a monk.

I went with the newest opener I had memorized at the time.

“You see I have this friend and he has this jealous girlfriend. My friend keeps old photos and letters of his past girlfriends in a box. And his jealous girlfriend found the box recently and wants him to get rid of it or else she says it’s over between them. What should he do?”

I just barely got the words out and the blonde SNAPPED at me, her mischievous smile morphing into incredulity, “Is this some kind of pick-up line?”


My brain was buzzing. Red alarms were flaring. A neural siren sent almost irresistible flight signals to my feet.

Style never said this would happen in his book! These routines are supposed to be the opposite of pick-up lines. What the Hell am I supposed to say now?!? I did the first thing I can think of, I whipped out my phone.

“No, No, this is a real friend of mine his name is Anthony.”

Showing her the first male friend in my phone that came up.

“Here look this is his phone number and that’s his picture.”

Being a novice PUA I had no idea I was doing the wrong thing by qualifying to them. Before things totally got ruined I felt a reassuring slap on the shoulder. Bravo, thank god!

“Hey! How do you guys know Gypsy? He’s my best friend, an awesome massage therapist, and he reads Tarot cards!”

Less than three minutes into the set Bravo delivered my accomplishment intro to the girls. But instead of flowing it into a conversation he had made it an awkward bullet point list about me, like he was volunteering me for an interview. But Bravo was quick he didn’t miss a beat and threw out an untimely NEG as his second conversation piece.

“Ewwww…you have an eye crusty in your eye. Gross!” he said, pointing to the brunette’s face.

“Do I?” asked the brunette and turned to the blonde.

“No.” she replied curtly and blankly stared back at her!

Then both girls stared at us stunned for a moment. No doubt they were wondering if they were on some hidden camera reality show. This would be the only way to accept the unreality of the horrible pick-up happening to them. They were so stunned by the lunacy of it all they didn’t leave. At that point I felt another hand slap me on the back.

“Hey how do you guys know Gypsy? He’s my best friend, an awesome massage therapist, and he reads Tarot cards!”

It was Spicy delivering the same intro for me that Bravo had just delivered. I felt like crying and laughing at the same time. We had just raised the bar on the worst pick-up attempt in the history of mankind. The girls looked at each other, then at us, they were like frightened rabbits caught in headlights. I grabbed the moment and launched into the “C’s vs. U’s” routine.
“You know you have Christina Aguilera teeth! Like a U-shape.” I said pointing to the brunette.

“Really?” she curiously replied.

“Yeah and your friend has Britney Spears teeth, a C-shaped mouth.”
“What does that mean?”
asked the brunette with the Christina mouth.

“Well, you see society tends to perceive C-shaped mouth girls like Britney Spears, as good girls. And girls with U-shaped mouths are perceived by society like Christina Aguilera is. You know like she hooks up with a lot of guys and has a bad reputation.” The brunette’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

“So, you’re saying I’m a slut?”

“No, I said society says you’re a slut.” (Guys, just a quick side note: NEVER, EVER, use the word slut in pick-up. It’s an immediate set killer.)

Again the two girls were stunned.

Bravo jumped in quick to save the day and suggested.

“Hey! you guys should have Gypsy read your Tarot cards!”
“Uh, yeah we have to go to the bathroom. But after we’ll find you guys and do that.”

This line was delivered by the blonde with every sarcastic intention for us not to believe her words. But we didn’t get the hint and took it as gospel.

“Great, we will be right over there at that table!” I smiled thinking somehow we had saved this set. The girls scurried off in the direction of the bathroom. I readied my Tarot cards and put them on the table. All three of us talked excitedly amongst ourselves. We had done it!

But …

Those girls were never to be seen again. The odd thing is there was no way out from that bathroom except past us or to sneak through the kitchen. All I can figure is that those girls ran through the kitchen out the back door or crawled through the bathroom windows to escape. Either way the fact is they went to some extraordinary measure to never see us again.


Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“What the hell is the point of this story? To scare me out of going sarging?”

No the opposite is true. There are three points to this story:

FIRST: There is a BIG difference between knowing PUA openers, routines, negs AND understanding how attraction and seduction really works (Hint: These girls ran away because we did not trigger any of their female attraction switches).

SECOND: If you understand how attraction works and you shape yourself into the most excellent being you can be, you will never crash and burn (more about that in a second from Style himself below).

THIRD: The game is not over, BUT it has changed. And for the first time Style will give you a glimpse of what is about to come:

Check it out here:

Gypsy Stylelife Senior Coach

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Nico April 8, 2012 at 11:42 am

A few days ago, I saw the Asian Playboy in the news. I always thought PUA is just about getting laid. And I thought APB’s company as scam. From what I saw on ABC news Nightline, I realized I was wrong. APB mentioned that PUA is all about having the confidence. His coaching program covers the basics of having the confidence. The interview also showed that he really cared about his students.Here’s the video:


Jacko April 9, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Very interesting of what Style has to say.

What I’ve noticed is that it is all about confidence, and to keep strong eyecontact. Also it is very important to impress a girl, and to show that you’re a fun, cool guy. Keep it sexual by sextalk, and kino.


Socialkenny April 21, 2013 at 2:15 am

Nice field report by Gypsy. Didn’t know he was working for Strauss.


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