Stealth Attraction Review

by Blog Editor on July 4, 2011

With Stealth Attraction Gambler unveils the new Game that he’s spent the last couple of years developing. Since the publication of the book, Natural Art of Seduction, which brought him to the attention of the community Gambler was pretty quiet;  he was building up his company – PUA Training, and enjoying a fantastic lifestyle as evidenced by his famous facebook account. However his sojourn to the wilderness is at an end with the release of this innovative and sophisticated product. Overall, I think the product is excellent but not for everyone.

Gambler’s marketing promise is that Stealth Attraction is a rejection-proof way of getting the hottest girls in the hottest venues. This is my first caveat: Gambler focuses on club game. If you don’t do, like, or want to do night game, this product is not totally relevant.  You can still use many of the (great) escalation techniques and some of the conversational techniques, but really this is a system for night game. This brings me to my second caveat: this is not a product for beginners. It presumes (and requires) that you are already in possession of set of good social skills. So if you’re an AFC then you should go to a bootcamp first, or maybe read The Game. This is a product that will be most effective to those who already have some success, feel comfortable in clubs and really want to improve their results by learning this highly sophisticated technique. In short, watch this when your training wheels are off.

The basic concept is that if you want to game in the ‘best’ venues – by which Gambler means the most exclusive night clubs – then you need to do things differently. The kind of game where you wear a big hat and run around doing magic tricks is not effective. Instead, if you want to succeed, you need to understand the whole social world of high end night clubs and how to subtly navigate them. I think Gambler’s argument is convincing – when you’re in super high-end venues you have guys who are richer, better looking and better dressed. You might even have celebrities. Faced with that competition, you’ve got to become a smarter socialiser than in regular places.

The setup of the DVDs is Gambler lecturing to an unseen audience with some demonstrated examples. There are 5 sections: Stealth Value, Stealth Opening, Stealth Seduction, Stealth Arousal, Stealth Extraction. This takes you from the start to the end of the seduction process and pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

Watching the DVDs, I was actually hugely impressed with the social awareness that Richard must have to be able to create this product. It teaches truly amazing things that I’m sure would have taken me years to figure out by myself. For instance, take Stealth Value. It’s well known how important value is for a woman accepting a man. This is even more important in higher-status venues simply because the absolute value of the other guys is higher. What’s great about this product is that Richard give you really easy, and crafty, ways to create that value. One thing Richard does is teach you how to create a moviestar effect as you walk through the club. Simply (although it makes more sense if you see it life), as you walk through a crowded club you might brush the back of your hand against the girls you walk past. So they are going to notice you but, because it could be accidental, they’re not going to reject you for doing it. What then happens is that you have created a trail of girls who are looking at you as you walk past, wondering who you are. The clever bit is that all the other girls see all the other girls are doing just the same: instant rejection-proof social value that will make the girls think you are a somebody. Richard provides lots of fantastic practical and easy- to-implement methods just like this that mean you can change your game instantly. I am convinced that watching, studying and practising this will change your social skills and sexual results for life.

I’ll give you another one of Richard’s examples. Say you’re standing in line waiting to get into a club and some guy breezes over, shakes the bouncer’s hand and walks in. You’ll think he has value. But that’s very easy to do. Richard notes you can do this if you just turn up early and then leave the club, making sure to say to the bouncer you’ll be right back. So you go out, find yourself a banana or something, and return and he lets you straight back in. You look casual and cool and the girls don’t know that you’re a nobody who had only been to the club for the first time that evening.

The vein of the DVDs continues like this. Richard gives endless advice which is highly practical, subtle and sophisticated. Really easy to implement. He doesn’t talk about the theory, he just tells you what to do. However, something that makes his approach to game stand apart is his clear understanding of what’s going on in the broader picture. This is in terms both of what else is going on in the environment and also social situations as a whole. For example he explains that, in high-end venues, you don’t want to be seen as a PUA that’s going round opening girls, because other girls will think you’re sleazy. So he demonstrates in Stealth Opening how to initiate interactions with girls that not only won’t be rejected, but also won’t make other girls think you’re a sleazy pick-up artist – instead they’ll think you’re a super-cool guy. Gambler also teaches you the importance of discretion and stealthiness in high-end venues: because value is of such importance, you can’t go around k-closing multiple girls consistently because high-value girls won’t let you. Therefore, to succeed with the best girls long-term, you need to learn the importance of subtlety.

The difficult thing about writing a Stealth Attraction Review is that a picture can tell 1000 words, and there is a lot of footage in there. It’s not easy to understand how effective all of this stuff is in-field until you see what it’s supposed to look like – as in, how Richard stealthily opens girls, etc.. The product is excellent, but, as I noted already, if you don’t already have enough in-field experience to be able to read social signals, you won’t understand the good sense behind what Gambler is suggesting.


For those at an intermediate or advanced level and want to improve their high-end night game, this is a no-brainer at the $5 PUA Training is charging for it. That’s incredible value for what you pay if you contrast the $1000s that some American companies charge for the same sort of thing.  So this is a great product in and of itself and well worth the tiny price.

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