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by Editor on April 28, 2010

You may have heard of this emerging star in the seduction community before. Magic helped coach with Brad P, was on David Deangelo’s Man Transformation program, and has a unique perspective on the seduction community we’re all a part of. After seeing Magic infield, I realized this was coach that men need to learn from. He’s direct, unapologetic and gets results… FAST. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

How did you get started in the seduction community?

I came from India about 10 years back. After I came to this country nothing was working for me. I tried to date many women but it never worked out. I was too desperate. I took this girl to Vegas with me. Stayed in the biggest suite in Mirage, bought her a $4000 diamond bracelet and took her on a private helicopter tour to Grand Canyon. I thought this would be my ticket to her. The very same night she was having sex with another guy she met in Vegas in the same room that I paid for.

I tried meeting women many more times but it never worked. I got convinced that my Indian ethnicity was limiting me from succeeding. I thought women in this country only go for tall, blonde hair, blue eyed and muscular guys. I started to think this was it. I was never going to get any other woman for the rest of my life.

I got lucky. One day a woman approached me at a bar in San Francisco. She was curious about my background. She ended up offering to teach me. She took me to bars and clubs for one week and trained me the way I now train my students. She gave a jump start to my dating life. I never had to look back after that day. I was getting laid left and right. I was having threesomes and orgies. Women were inviting me to pleasure parties.

When I moved to Los Angeles to make a film, I ended up working for Savoy (Love Systems) in the back office. I realized that I can be a lot of help to men with my skills and knowledge. My ability to relate to students, noticing their sticking points and advancing them to next level got noticed by lot of friends and professionals who advised me to get into business of helping men.

What was the biggest change in your own life that helped you become successful with women?

Magic PUAIt is really hard to point to single factor that contributed to my success. It was a combination of things that had to be addressed. These are different for different people. They usually crop from your upbringing, childhood experiences present and future goals. As Yoda from Star Wars will say I had to unlearn what I had learned and build a new belief system and lifestyle.

I had to work on re evaluate and re draw my belief system and values. I had to identify messages that were preventing me from taking the next step and pushing forward. I had to draw a future road map. I had to pretty much do all the inner game exercises I make students do in the first few chapters of Social Mastery.

I had to then work on my social and seduction skills. If I had to point to one thing it would be making the mind set to take chances. I kept pushing myself, testing my boundaries, trying new styles of interaction to see what comes out of them. I was more often than not surprised by pleasant and positive responses.

For example most people out there before going for the kiss usually say something like: “I feel like kissing you” or “Would you like to kiss”. By making these statements they are actually testing the water to see how she responds. When in reality men should simply look into a woman’s eyes. Make extended eye contact, slowly pull her toward them and go for the kiss. It is more manly, romantic and seductive. Ask any woman and she will tell you that she rather be kissed than asked for her permission. Very often she will just kiss you even if she is not a 100% sure because it turns her on. However you can only do this if you feel secure and do not take rejections personally.

It was learning these new behaviors and having the mindset to succeed with women that was a huge break trough for me. This is exactly what we do for our students through various products and training. There is a reason why we have highest number of students getting laid within one week of training than any other company out there. In fact last year we had 3 out of 4 students sleep with women within one week of training if not during the session. And these are verifiable results.

I’ve seen you in bars. Women melt unexplainably. What are your general tactics and techniques for attracting women?

You have to have all elements in control to succeed with women. You need to know the most effective way to communicate your sexual desires for her. You need to have the skill set to decode her signs and respond appropriately. You need to know exact timing to advance your interaction to the next level and you need to know how to lead a woman to where you want her to be.

This is why instead of giving general advice like go for the kiss when she is attracted to you I give concrete identifiable measures. For example if you have executed 3-4 level 2 kino from our Kino escalation model and the woman has not objected then you know it is time to go for the kiss. If she says no but continues to stay with you, usually it means she was not ready for the kiss but is still into you else she would have left. At this point test her attraction and go for the kiss again and usually it will happen the second time.

The idea is to understand how seduction works in the minds of women. Then calibrate your moves so she feels seduced. What you saw me doing was nothing extraordinary. I was talking the most generic things that people advocate against talking yet I was getting attraction and so were all my students. The key was not the conversation topics but how they were being used to convey confidence and sexuality.

My system is all about being a man, not being ashamed of your sexual desires and calibrating your moves to where this woman stands. This comes across as more natural, real and effective. As you watched yourself how women were getting attracted and how my students were making progress with women during the first night of training.

Was there a moment when you finally realized you had become good with women. What happened?

I had been good with women for a long time. I was having threesomes and regular booty calls. I was sleeping with my professor and therapist so I knew I was successful with women. However I had set a different bench mark to measure my success.

Before I became good with women I went to this place in San Francisco called “Velvet Lounge”. I was watching this guy dance and literally grope a woman who pushed him away. In my mind I was laughing at this guy for being sexually aggressive. Few minutes later I witnessed two women literally fighting over this guy. I was shocked. The guy I thought to be a loser has two gorgeous women fighting over him and won’t be surprised if he ended up pulling them both home that night.

I left the venue because it made me feel down. I ended up making a promise to myself that the day two women fight over me will be the day I will finally call myself successful with women.

This happened in January of 2008. I went to the bar in the lobby for hotel ‘W’ in San Francisco with a female friend of mine. I’ll spare the details of the story but that night every woman there was approaching me. A young 21 year old woman walked up to me and introduced herself to me. Within seconds two women who had opened me and were friends with each other jumped on me.

Both sat on my lap and started to hump me for over 5 minutes. When they were done the 21 year old who just walked up to me ended up telling them that there was no need to put up this show and they could have just told her to walk away. An argument started and I was like “YEAH” because I had finally achieved my goal. I had so high value that night that I could have pulled all of them together and they would have complied. I know it is a silly benchmark to have but it is what it is.

What is the biggest problem holding men back from being able to attract beautiful women?

Again it is different for different people. I do not believe that every student has the same problem this is why I do not teach standard program to all students. Every workshop is catered to participating students. What was holding me may not be what is holding you. This is why we plan the structure of our workshop after meeting the participating students.

However most of it would boil down to men not making a commitment and taking steps to improve their lives. Almost everyone looks for a magic bullet to get women. They would rather focus on lines and routines as opposed to mastering the principals underlying those routines to generate attraction.

If you truly want to succeed with women in the long run you need to work on yourself. Address your limited beliefs, understand how seduction works and then practice the new knowledge. Seduction is easy! Dating beautiful women is very doable on regular basis. It takes commitment and discipline for a little while.
This is also the reason I do not teach everyone. In order to take a 1 on 1 session with me students have to go through a phone interview with me. If I find that they are not committed to make a change and get this area of their life handled then I do not teach them. I do not want to waste three days of my life and have no results for them.

Anyone who wants to make progress has to be committed and willing to take action. If they continue to be same then they will continue to experience the same results for the most part.

You’ve started running bootcamps. What would a guy expect if he were to train with you?

Do not come to me with any expectations. The only thing I will guarantee is that I will give you my 100%. I will give you only valid and effective information. You will get information that I practice.

If you are looking for a standard program this is not for you. If you are looking for someone who will sit with you over the next three days and tell you how cool you are, don’t come to me. I will tell you to your face if your breadth smells so you can fix it. I believe students pay me so much money and time to identify their weaknesses and solutions to address them.

I will first evaluate you. See where you stand with women. I want to see how women react to you when you approach them. It is then that I will decide what needs to be covered over the next few days to get you success with women.

It works for me to cuss in my sets. My dress up makes women expect cussing from me. But that won’t work for you. This why once I see what women see in you then I can tweak your approach to get them see value in you and feel attracted to you.

I do not teach manipulation. I openly say that I will not teach anything I would not want to happen to my mother, sister or daughter. I will not teach you how to build value at the venue. I will instead work on you to transform you into a guy who is desirable by women. If techniques alone would bring results everyone would be getting laid reading them online or in the books.

The key to winning women is to become a guy who is desirable by women. Then approach them and use the techniques that generate attraction. But these will only work if you have no hang ups and feel good about yourself.

In my workshop I will cover everything from inner game to seduction techniques. What exactly will be given depends on the group. My coaching style is rough and I will push the hell out of you to the next level. Your fear to approach women because your dad beat you when you were a kid has no bearing on me. I will drag you and have you approach women. if you were to touch her or kiss her and you did not do it. I will take you back in the set and make you do it. Fear and excuses have no room in my workshops.

I will pretty much break your bad habits and build new habits that will help you succeed with women. Now you know why my students get laid so fast. They take lot of abuse from me.

Why would someone take a bootcamp from you over all the other companies that do this?

As I mentioned earlier no one has to take a session with me. The only reason you will come to me is because you are ready to make some serious changes. You do not want some general theory but concrete steps calibrated to you to push you to the next level with women.

I usually address my students as Marines of dating. They go through lot of abuse and hard work during the session but once they are done they are unstoppable. Not everyone is ready to be pushed this hard. Many students want to take time and baby steps to become good. I have no patience for that. I believe my job is to break your fears and advance your progress with women.

You will come to me not because I can get laid but because you want to get laid. If you read student reviews on most company websites they are about how fun the workshop was or good the instructor was. I haven’t seen one site where students talk about the success they have achieved.

Most programs out there are designed to show students what can be done. Our program is not about what we can do but what we can do for you. It is of no consequence to you if I got laid with the hottest women on planet. The question is can I get you laid? This is why you come to me. You come to me because you want to succeed with women and not because I am successful with women. Whether you read Social Mastery Book, watch Day Game or Same Night Lay DVDs you will find the information is all about helping you progress by taking specific steps.

This is evident with the student reviews and testimonies on our website. In 2009 3 out of 4 students I taught ended up sleeping with women within one week of the training if not during the training itself. All testimonies are verifiable. We are the only company who specifically address their student to write an honest testimony as opposed to a nice testimony. We tell them that someone will spend money based on their review and they should not write anything that will bring bad karma to them. I am openly writing it here to have someone challenge me if I am lying.

Short answer: Come to me when you are ready to be pushed to next level with women.

Why do you think other companies don’t get the results you do?

I wouldn’t say other companies don’t get results. They get results they aim for. As I mentioned many companies out there aim to show their game as opposed to show what they can do for students.

I also believe that not everyone is capable of giving the therapy treatment. Meaning lot of coaches, though good with women, do not know what is stopping their students from succeeding with women. Hence they can’t offer a customized solution to their students. This is why many companies give you a system that has worked for them and their coaches. They want you to keep practicing it till you can master it.

The problem with it is that not every student is willing to give up their personality and lifestyle and put on the suit offered by these methods. Students can only be effective if they feel that what they are doing truly represents them. They should feel self as opposed to Magic when they approach women.

I personally believe that in order for your student to succeed you have to come down to their level and give them what will work for them as opposed to asking them to climb the ladder and come to your level.

Can you relate a few examples of an ‘amazing result’ that one of your coaching clients had?

I can write a book on the success my students have achieved. I trained an ‘A’ list rock star that could not approach women on his own despite his success. We were able to fix it for him. I have numerous students who went from zero to having threesomes within a month. I have had a student who had taken boot camp with another company and was getting thrown out of every bar and club. This company made him super aggressive. I mellowed him don and he ended up having his first same night lay the night of the training where he ended up having sex with a woman in his car right in Hollywood. I had a student who has been in community for over 9 years. This guy has taken sessions from every company out there. It took us 3 days to get him to the level to get same night lay. There many amazing success stories. I’ve done up a bunch of case studies for guys to read.

You have a 100% Money Back Guarantee if people ask on the last day of your bootcamp. Has anyone taken you up on that, if so, what happened?

So far we have had not a single student ask for a refund. I have been coaching since 2008 and it feels good to make this statement.

Why are your bootcamps so cheap compared to other companies?

Our boot camps used to be way cheaper. Initially we wanted people to take a chance on us so we can show the world what we can do. Now as our name is building and our students our students are getting success our prices are beginning to go up. People who took advantage of us remind us of this every time we meet them. For example my 1 on 1 used to be $600 in 2008. They are currently $1497 and will be $5000 pretty soon. They are still a great deal because our coaching unlike other programs is life transforming. Not only do we turn you in to Casanovas but like many guys know it effects all aspects of your life.

Our group workshops are also going up in prices soon since wanna be able to continue serving students and being able to live comfortably doing so.

We are still a bargain even with rising prices. What we teach in three days is something no other company in the world can teach. Unlike other companies we only teach 4 student 2 instructor boot camps to be able to make them effective for our students. Unfortunate side of this is that we cannot afford to continue this model for little money. I will never have more students but then it means I have to charge more to survive.

If you had one bit of advice for my readers, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to take chances. Make a commitment and take actions. Get proactive about this. Life is too short to worry about other people. Every day you procrastinate is one less day of love in your life. Get your ass out and make it happen for yourself.

Thanks Magic!

To find out if Magic’s live coaching can help you, he does 30 minute phone consultations to determine whether or not you are a good fit. Visit Magic’s site, Attraction Methods here.

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Charles April 29, 2010 at 2:10 pm

Wow that is an amazing interview. I personally visited one of his live events and he is an amazing teacher and we all can pick up some new techniques from him. Great share man.


Richard | April 29, 2010 at 11:12 pm

Great lengthy post. The first paragraph sounds so harsh. At least you had the dough to do it though :)


David Black April 30, 2010 at 8:15 am

Great post that shows no matter what limitation you think you have, it is still just a mental block that can be overcome with the right attitude. Awesome story bro.


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