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by Editor on March 23, 2009

AFC Adam LyonsDONOVAN: What made you decide to become a dating coach?

AFC Adam: Honestly I didn’t plan it. I always just wanted to learn how to improve myself. I met a guy in the UK who was willing to teach me in return for me helping him drum up some PR for his business. Once the articles started coming in he wasn’t too keen on the publicity. So he asked me if I wouldn’t mind being the face of the company. I agreed and began doing demos for the papers and TV shows. Sure enough I ended up closing on camera time and time again. The more I did it the more people wanted to learn from me. I really didn’t want to be a teacher at the time so I tried to deter students from working with me. I added the AFC at the start of my name in the hope that they would all shy away from learning form me, hoping they would think I was a beginner. This worked for as time, perhaps 4- 6 months. But once I was on the Rules of Seduction in the UK Things really just went crazy.

DONOVAN: When did people first start to know you outside of the UK?

AFC Adam: It was the PUA Summit in 2007. I really wasn’t going to go, I was a last minute speaker and was convinced to go along by my friends Tung and Crazy Serb from Canada. Both of them are great guys who just kept pushing me to go, so in the end I went along. I wasn’t really expecting anything to come from it, but once I was there I realised that a lot of the people there weren’t actually getting as many results as the guys in the UK Lairs, so my talk went down really well. Then out of nowhere Thundercat put me on his top 10 list and things escalated from there.

DONOVAN: The next question, can you tell us your favorite success story from one of your clients?

AFC Adam: Actually it was only a few weeks ago. We were running a special 1 week long bootcamp. Called Project Spring break, yes original I know. hahah. Actually It’s something me and Amanda have wanted to do for a long time. To give people not only a chance to get good at game but to also experience spring break in all it’s craziness. So many people who join the community don’t get a decent spring break in their college years so this was a chance for them to re -experience it in a BIG WAY. This one student that come along was completely inexperienced, had never approached before in his life and had massive AA. He manged to pull off two lays during the course and on both occasions convinced the girl to let him back to her room to close. Even now thinking about it makes me smile. The guy just pulled out all the stops and smashed it from zero to hero in 1 week!

DONOVAN: That’s awesome. What do you think is the main reason people take so long to get good?

AFC Adam: Honestly I believe it’s because they spend too much time on forums, reading and downloading content. Whereas if they actually got out there in field and actually SPOKE to girls they would find their results sky rocket. I calculated the other day I must have done 3000 sets in my first 3 months of training at the game before I was getting consistent results. Most people do this many sets over 3 years which explains why it takes so long to improve.

DONOVAN: Yeah. I think a lot of guys do find many excuses to avoid going out there in person and actually approach, what do you think is the best advice to someone who suffers from the fear of the approach to actually get them out there doing sets?

AFC Adam: Honestly I could sit here and provide a list of hypnosis and confidence cd’s but in reality the only way you’re going to get over the fear of approaching is to get out there and do it. There is an old psychological technique to help get over fear known as systematic desensitization. In summary this works by slowly exposing yourself to the situation in question. With regards to seduction this is easily done by starting out talking to girls you aren’t attracted to and purposely only staying in set for 10 seconds or so. Once you can do this without any anxiety it’s time to push further, either in terms of quality or length of time. Slowly but surely if you keep pushing you will find yourself getting to the point where you can talk to any girls no matter how beautiful they are.

DONOVAN: That’s some solid advice. In your experience, what’s the best place and/or location to try and pick up a girl?

AFC Adam: Hmm Honestly one of my favourite places is outside a modelling office. Back when I was gaming 24/7 I would either find the location of a modelling agency or a model audition and then simply place myself in a nearby coffee shop waiting for the girls to arrive.

DONOVAN: One of the things you’re really well known for is your Entourage game and the ability to create and work your social circle to consist almost entirely of beautiful women. Could you tell us a bit about how this works?

AFC Adam: Man this is one of my favourite topics. I remember when I first got into the whole seduction scene and reading “the game” about how project hollywood got the whole deal wrong. The idea of living in a house full of guys just didn’t interest me. I was much more interested in the whole hugh hefner lifestyle. So I decided to plan out a way I could duplicate the same lifestyle. I began making friends with girls in the London Nightclub circuit and instead of trying to sleep with them I just befriended them. Instead of going out gaming with guys I would get these girls to help me out. The social proof and pre-selection they gave me was off the chart. I would actually get opened by girls. After a while I ended up living a lifestyle where everywhere I went girls would come with me, and they were even competing to sleep with me, it was crazy.

Most people in the community feel they should sleep with every girl that they meet. But by trying to sleep with them all each situation becomes either a lay or a fail. IF it’s a fail they lose the girl from their life, and if it’s a lay they don’t tend to merge social circles. None of this is particularly condusive to building a social life especially not one filled with girls. Without having girls in your social circle you’ll never truly realise how powerful social proof can be or how easy it truly can be. It just doesn’t get easier than having the girls do all the work for you.

DONOVAN: Ok. Then to sum up, You’re traveling the states at the moment doing bootcamps, how is the tour going?

Yeah we’re currently traveling the states and it’s hectic. We’ve been doing bootcamps almost every single weekend and the results are amazing. We’ve had the chance to see some amazing places as well as meeting a lot of great people along the way. We’ve been teaching a lot of the newer material from social circle building and entourage game right through to day game and of course it’s all without routines so the guys never get caught out as being clones from the Pick Up Artist TV show which is something we’ve heard a lot of people are struggling with at the moment. We’re currently running at an almost 100% success rate for students in terms of getting number closes at least for a full 10 month streak and we’re pushing to keep that going!

DONOVAN: Well thanks so much for coming in to chat with me

AFC Adam: No probs man thank you very much for having me!

DONOVAN: Check out Adam’s US Tour dates at the bootcamp page.

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Ali Yousef Radwan March 25, 2009 at 10:20 pm


Your fantastic interview with AFC Adam during his tour outside UK was great, specially the ironic language used. I’ve read it twice.The photeo of Adam with his beautiful seduced girl was also wonderful. I hope to receive more e-mails of this kind.

Thank you very much,

Ali Radwan.


Samuel McCrohan March 26, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Top interview! :)
Having seen Adam progress right through from his early days I know how powerful what he teaches is. I’d highly recommend anyone to work with him if they get the chance. :)


The G Manifesto April 2, 2009 at 2:16 pm

“Hmm Honestly one of my favourite places is outside a modelling office.”

Excellent advice. I have actually been using this “location” move for 15 years or more.

Like Willie Sutton supposedly said, “Because that’s where the money is.”

I am kind of disappointed he gave this one up. Ha.



Hypno May 26, 2009 at 4:14 am

Great interview!!

I just got back from Adam’s bootcamp in Atlanta and it was phenomenal!! Im not a complete AFC….but there were a lot of tweaks he helped add to my game that has improved my game dramatically. Ive completely dropped routines and have gone all natural game thanks to Adam.


Adam Elite June 25, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Whilst AFC Adam is one of the best MPUAs in the world, I seriously doubt the story about “the student with began the course with massive Approach Anxiety, who got two lays within One Week”.

Unless AFC Adam was in the bedroom with the student or the student has photos of the lay on his mobile cellphone (which could’ve been a prostitute/call girl anyway) then the answer is no.

Everyone knows it takes time (years) to get good, so either the student was just one of these Modest Attetnion Seekers or AFC Adam is cranking out some Marketing Bullshit.


Nathan July 25, 2009 at 10:40 am

great interview – Adams’ mindset is really what sets him apart from most others out there and keeps him consistant and fresh…


AFC Adam Lyons Exposed June 29, 2011 at 6:17 am

I loved it one of the best things I have ever done it was a bargain as well – the teaching was superb (he is 3ed in the world) you could really feel his passion and drive and he really did what you to get good


AFC Adam Lyons Exposed July 7, 2011 at 11:25 am

Thanks-a significant support in my research… I’m seeking to acquire considered one of these. Selections, decisions!


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