The Importance of Baiting (Sinn Column)

by Sinn on April 26, 2008

Sinn Baiting is the art of enticing a woman to escalate the interaction, physically, verbally and sexually. We want to bait the girl to escalate as much as we possibly can. But there is a difference between baiting and playing hard to get. This is what most guys don’t understand. You have to continue to demonstrate interest even as you bait a girl to escalate the interaction. In fact you can use baiting as a way to get the girl to qualify herself and even as a way of touching you and moving in physically early on.

The first way that we want to bait is by physically advancing and retreating. Around the Dallas crew we call this the Captain Jack special move. El Topo first noticed it and he did it in an exaggerated way while leaning back too much. This of course led to us making fun of him until he told CJ that he learned it from watching him. What you do is you lean in to whisper something in the girl’s ear preferably a teasing comment like “ You’re trouble” Then you rock back and cover your mouth as if what you said just really cracked you up and you’re laughing at her. If you do this right, it results in the girl laughing and touching you on the arm. Every time. What you’re doing is by going into and out of her personal space and teasing her at the same time the attraction gets magnified and she feels the need to chase you. It’s the essence of a physical push pull routine, all of which can be considered baits.

You can verbally bait women in a variety of ways. Open loops are the most well known of these tactics. Open loops are simply unfinished thoughts or stories. They work because they evoke curiosity. Our minds are designed to have closure once we invest our time in a story or thought. If we’re listening we want to know how it ends. I can remember coming back from London and watching the movie “ The Devil wears Prada”. Maybe you saw previews, Meryl Strep plays a Cruella Deville like character and a different intern shows she can be a beautiful person too… Or something like that. The plane landed about 15 minutes from the end of the movie ad for the next half an hour all I could wonder was what happened next. Did she end up with the guy, etc? Now luckily for my sanity the movie wasn’t on my On Demand when I checked later. But the point is I checked. Even though I HATED that movie I had to know what happened. This is the power of open loops. Open loops are easy to use; you can simply use a phrasal transition like “ That reminds me,” or “it’s just like when” to seamlessly start a new story leaving the other one up in the air.

Another way we can verbally bait women is through the use of ambiguity. Strippers are the best at this In fact strippers in general, are amazing at baiting. They’ll ask really ambiguous questions like “ What are you up to tonight?” And then they can lead your answers by saying things like “ Are you ready to party?” A good image to keep in mind when thinking about baiting is the idea of a stripper pulling a guy in by his tie and then pushing her out with her heels. We can be ambiguous and use phrases like “ What do you mean by that?” Anytime in comfort that you think something can be twisted to be sexual, ask what she means by that. This allows her to fill what Juggler calls the vacuum by sexually escalating. You can also bait by looking down at your crotch and waiting for her eyes to follow then asking, “ what are you looking at?” There are a million more examples but you guys get the basic idea. Being ambiguous forces her to solidify the sexual nature of the interaction.

Lastly we want to bait women sexually. This happens in the bedroom. Lots of guys forget that you can use push pull tactics in the bedroom. You can start to arouse her by kissing her neck and then pull away and say this is bad… What are you doing to me? Then go back to arousal and then pull back again. Think of it as if you really want to do this but you’re not sure she’ll respect you in the morning. Kind of like giving a girl LMR. The better your arousal skills the better this works, so make sure that you know how to make girls feel good. This has been called fractionation and is taken to the extreme with El Topo’s Kung Fu Penis stuff. Which takes end game and compliance escalation to a crazy new level. I don’t want to teach his stuff but the guys who have learned it on our bootcamps have had some CRAZY results. The idea is to use baiting and arousal to create huge amounts of sexual compliance. Baiting is a huge part of this because in KFP the girl actually asks or physically makes every physical escalation.

Baiting is one of the most crucial aspects for getting compliance and investment into the interaction. Which in my opinion are more important than attraction itself. The more you can get women to comply and invest the more they will escalate. In fact we reflect this in the new model of attraction El Topo and I have been teaching for a while now. Keep an eye out for our upcoming e-booklet on Attraction.

If you guys have any questions about any of this stuff don’t hesitate to email me,

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Gunner April 26, 2008 at 11:00 am

Cool article :)


Bobby Rio April 26, 2008 at 11:56 am

Good stuff Sinn, enjoying the column!


m0in10nz April 26, 2008 at 3:25 pm

ET’s Kung Fu penis shtick isn’t all that special. If I remember right, he basically dares women to try to make him come. “I have a kung fu penis… I’ll bet you can’t make it come!” Sad thing is, I actually knew a guy who had such major inner game hang-ups he couldn’t come during sex. And he’s a rock star.

“The plane landed about 15 minutes from the end of the movie ad for the next half an hour all I could wonder was what happened next.”

And you are a master practitioner of NLP? How can you control other peoples’ minds if you can’t even control your own?

“Did she end up with the guy, etc? Now luckily for my sanity the movie wasn’t on my On Demand when I checked later. But the point is I checked. Even though I HATED that movie I had to know what happened.”

You could have just looked it up on the internet. Three seconds and your demons would’ve been purged.

I have to give Sinn props for writing decent columns, but this is all old stuff I’ve seen written before by other people on other boards. Good for beginners, though. Kindof reminds me of the Blueprint Decoded in that respect—except, unlike all of RSD’s products, Sinn actually shows a girl with him here. Inspiring.


Sinn April 28, 2008 at 7:05 pm

HAHA there’s a lot more to KFP then daring the girl to make you come. And we never say we have kung fu penises. A girl ET did it too asked him if he learned that in Kung Fu which is another hobby of his.

Funny shit though.



Lee Coles April 30, 2008 at 12:39 pm

Yes, it’s very important to give some here, then allow her to earn your affection by retreating to a different topic or mood. You bond w/ convo, like women do w/ each other, but you don’t let on the degree to which you’re attracted. I teach guys to behave as if it just dawned on you in mid-conversation that you like her.

Like she gained approval.


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