The douchebags at Real Social Dynamics are continuing their awful plight on the seduction community.

I first talked about the weirdness of Real Social Dynamics years ago. I’ve mostly ignored their awful techniques, and cult-like behavior.

But just this week, RSD coach Julien Blanc was kicked out of Australia for teaching his borderline physically abusive techniques. Real smooth.

“The matter was raised with us and we had it investigated and this fellow looked at,” Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said, according to The Guardian. “This guy wasn’t putting forward political ideas, he was putting forward abuse that was derogatory to women and that’s just something, those are values abhorred in this country.”
Blanc took things further when he put his words into action through his social media campaign, #ChokingGirlsAllAroundTheWorld, a compilation of graphic photos that show him choking women. A viral YouTube video also follows Blanc as he wrings a Japanese woman’s neck and pushes it toward his pelvic area during a walk through the streets of Tokyo.
Experts say that the danger of what some may consider seemingly innocent act lies in a belief among some men that they are entitled to women’s bodies, as seen earlier this year when Elliot Rodger complained about women rejecting him in a video before killing six people, injuring 13, and taking his own life near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus.”

Good work Real Social Dynamics. Stay classy.


This guy is homeless and gets laid. What’s your excuse…

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